PureVPN has one of the highest paying affiliate programs

July 4, 2021
PureVPN has one of the highest paying affiliate programs

When working as affiliates we are looking to get high commissions in sales, and PureVPN has one of those programs. as an affiliate, you will be able to receive from 35% – up to a 100% in commissions per sale. this VPN service also provides up to 10,000$ in bonuses to their leading affiliates.

PureVPN provides a high-security service to its customers and allows them to surf the web freely with no barriers. the leading VPN service also has as many as 2000+ servers in 150+ countries, which means it can operate all over the world for all its customers. this allows people to access websites like Hulu, BBC, Netflix, and more. 

About PureVPN Affiliate Program Features And Bonuses.

PureVPN provides its affiliates with a lot of options to make a hefty income. as a blogger, making videos on YouTube, and using banners on your website. the holiday season is the best time to start promoting their product since their affiliates can receive  $100,000 in extra commissions for sales, especially during Christmas. 

PureVPN pays the most in commissions and bonuses for providing clients, by referring people to their service. for every monthly subscription, you will receive as much as 100% in commissions.

PureVPN Commission Rates. 

| 35% off for every recurring sale. 
| 40% for any other package plan.
| 100% for every monthly subscription.
| You will receive 25% extra for each sale during the holiday season.
| There are huge bonuses for the top 3 best affiliates, with the best one receiving 10,000$ in bonuses.


How do You Join This Program? 

In order to join the PureVPN affiliate program, you’ll need to sign up to the official website. after you have completed the signing up process you will receive the full affiliate package which includes the following features. 

  • Affiliate link.
  • Banner ads.
  • Landing pages.
  • Monitoring your commissions in real time.
  • High-quality templates for email campaigns. 
  • Custom tools to create reports. 

You will also receive notifications for the best times to sell during the holiday seasons, so you don’t miss any second of making the most out of this high-paying affiliate program. 

In Conclusion. 

We highly recommend joining this program if you are looking to make money as an affiliate. using this program you can make a lot of money in bonuses with PureVPN being the only platform to give away such prizes to its affiliates. there is no need to look any further, for more information you can head over to their website and learn more.  

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