Best IG Stories Viewer APP’s | 2022 [Pro Choice]

October 11, 2022
Best IG stories viewer | 2022

Some of the best IG stories viewer apps allow you to save stories for later viewing or even save them instantly onto your smartphone without taking screenshots! Here are some of the finest applications for viewing and downloading Instagram stories:

What Is a Viewer for Instagram Stories?

A story viewer for Instagram is an app that allows users to watch the stories and posts of other Instagram users. This free service is ideal for those who wish to communicate with those who are not following.

Additionally, you can investigate anonymized Instagram follower viewer tools compatible with Ig story viewer. People use this tool to discover new Instagram accounts and store content for repurposing on other networks.

The majority of Instagram story viewers should allow downloading and saving of tales.


First, we will discuss SmiHub, an anonymous Instagram story reader. This one is perfect for analyzing Instagram profiles anonymously.

This service’s user-friendly, well-organized UI is one of our favorite aspects. This allows you to conduct your business unhindered. Simply enter the Instagram username you wish to explore to get started. After completing these steps, you will soon access the desired Instagram profile.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can now watch Stories, download content, and search for anything. If you want to examine a certain Instagram profile in terms of likes, followers, and comments, simply browse Instagram profiles at your leisure.

This service is free to use, by the way.



Regarding anonymous IG stories viewer, Hoverwatch has been a market leader for some time. It was created to use a handful of social media apps, but its services and features have since been expanded.

As with a few other services on this listing, this one is perfect for Instagram and regular phone tracking, making it a terrific tool for guardians who need to keep an eye on their children to ensure their safety.

Other functions include monitoring incoming and outgoing phone calls and social media applications. For example, you may monitor their Instagram, online media in general and phone calls. Plus, you receive real-time alerts.

Additionally, we like that this service is completely anonymous.


Glassagram is almost always at the top of every list of services for viewing Instagram stories anonymously, and for a good reason. This service may not have existed for a very long period, but it has proven to be of excellent quality and dependability. Therefore, it is so popular.

This application provides services from one of the popular Instagram viewer services available on the market.

You will receive notifications whenever the selected user uploads to their private Instagram profile. Therefore, you do not need to constantly monitor Instagram or that profile.

Stories Instagram App

IGStories App enables you to search a large number of Instagram profiles simultaneously for videos and stories you wish to view directly from the homepage of their profile.

After entering your search phrase, you can download or store the video on your device by clicking the desired result.

IGStories App is operated by an Instagram company named Upleap, whose website encourages users to sign up for their services. In addition, they offer Instagram growth services that allow you to expand your account.

However, the app is a terrific method to download or store your favorite Instagram stories and view Instagram stories.


Instastories is a free service that allows Instagram Stories to be seen. You can change your language depending on your origin. The website enables visitors to do user searches and view:

  • Featured Stories
  • Highlights
  • Recordings of live streams
  • Posts

In addition to sharing images via social media while viewing the tales, viewers can now do so without logging into their accounts. The files will also be downloaded in high-resolution MP$ and JPEG formats for photographs.


StoriesDown is a viewer and downloader for short stories, allowing users to watch videos without signing in to their accounts.

The most beneficial aspect of StoriesDown is that every download has a high-quality resolution, so you do not need to be concerned about using a poor format.


You may see stories, tagged stories, reels, and posts on Dumpor. In addition, you may easily access and download stuff privately. Copy the Instagram address and paste it into the search field. Once you locate the desired account, you can download the content.

Dumpor is very famous for obtaining the Ig tales you require.


You may believe there are various justifiable reasons to utilize an anonymous Instagram story viewer to see public or private Instagram profiles.

When anonymity is desired, you should use trustworthy and respectable tale watchers. Therefore, we have compiled this list of services for you.


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