Coursemate Software – create your own E-Learning site

June 27, 2021
Coursemate Software - create your own E-Learning site

Coursemate is a software that allows you to create your own E-learning website and provides you with ready-to-sell courses. you can choose any niche you want to sell courses about, and the software will provide it for you. the software literally does everything for you, by making blog posts, previews, and updates about new courses based on your niche. you get 100% profit from every sale that you make. 

This software is on autopilot so you don’t have to do anything, simply follow the steps below and earn money online today.

Coursemate Software Steps and Features.

Before you begin to create your very own E-learning website, you’ll need to sign up so you can log in to the software app. it will take you a few seconds.

| Create your site – As soon as you log in to your account you will be redirected to the main dashboard page of the software. you’ll need to press the “head over here to create your site.” to start the process.

Coursemate Software - create your own E-Learning site

From there you can choose your site name, site title, and Logo, and choose a niche from any category. then simply press ” Create Website” and you’re ready to go.

| Get Your Affiliate Link – All the courses are listed on the Worrier Plus website, to get the full 100% profit from sales you’ll have to apply to become an affiliate for the courses, and receive an affiliate link. simply click on the “view all courses” in the section on the left, and then choose the course you want.

Click on the “Get your unique link here” to receive the affiliate link.

Coursemate Software - create your own E-Learning site

After you receive your affiliate link you need to add it to the software to get your sales commission.

| Posts –  In this section of the dashboard you can see all of the posts that are being automatically generated for you as soon as you create your website. the site is updated with new posts every day so that you can start getting ranked on the Google search engine.

Coursemate Software - create your own E-Learning site

| Blog Content Sourcing – If you go over to the “Blog Content Sourcing” section you can see that the source of the post content is being generated by YouTube channels that are all related to your niche. so all the content is 100% original and plagiarism-free. you can also add your own YouTube channels or delete the ones that are generated for you.


| Site Layout Settings – In this section of the dashboard you will be able to customize your E-learning website. you can choose between the existing options of banners and backgrounds, or upload your own. you can also change your Main Title, Tagline, Site theme color, Banner background, and more.


| Advertisements – This is a section of the dashboard which allows you to add banner ads and place them where ever you want on your webpage. you can also add Clickbank ads, Custom image ads, and Javascript code (Google AdSense). a fully customizable ad section for an extra revenue stream.


The Coursemate software comes with many different features that are going to generate more revenue for you. Some other features that come with the software are:

  • Create a new course.
  • Create a subscriber list.
  • Options Creator.
  • Campaigns.
  • List Segmenter.
  • Custom Domain.

Coursemate has a customer support page, and a 30-day no-ask money-back guarantee policy so there is no risk on your part.

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