How To Find A Name For A YouTube Channel?

October 3, 2022
How To Find A Name For A YouTube Channel?

Good YouTube names are like a backbone of the channels. The first step in developing your brand identity on YouTube is choosing a channel name. It is essential because it is how people will define and understand what your channel is about. Picking a channel name takes some deep reflection as you have to pick one that showcases the channel’s ultimate purpose.

We understand that brainstorming so many names at once would be a little perplexing for you. To make it easier for you, we have created this simple guide on how to name a YouTube channel.


Tips To Find A Name For A YouTube Channel

Hers is how you can find good YouTube channel names:

1.  Read YouTube’s Community Guidelines

To help you come up with the best names, first read the Community Guidelines. This will help you understand what names you should avoid, such as spam, impersonating other creators, and saying (or writing) words on the platform.


Search for your potential name on Google and YouTube to avoid making these mistakes. This helps in avoiding a channel name that is similar to another brand.


2. Choose a Channel Category

After going through the guidelines, decide which category your YouTube channel will fall under. Most YouTube channel names fall into one of four categories:


  • Name, e.g., Ed Sheeran
  • Brand, e.g., The Coca-Cola Company
  • Categorical, e.g., Classic Game Room
  • Explanatory, e.g., Buzzfeed.

If you are the face of your channel or, more particularly, the brand you are offering viewers, setting your own name as the channel name is the easiest way to get your YouTube channel name.

3. Select a Name That Describes Your Niche

Your channel name is tagged along with your video, channel page, and whatever content you decide to post. That’s why make sure to highlight your channel’s topic. By seeing just the name, viewers can guess what the channel is about and be intrigued to pay a visit.

4. Include the Right Keywords

Create a YouTube channel name with keywords relevant to the ones you intend to use in your videos. This improves your search engine optimization and attracts your target audience. For example, HowToBasic, although the content is the opposite, the video still appears because of name relevance.

5. Lastly, Select A Unique Name

Your channel name should be something that people can easily remember. By unique, we mean it should not be impersonating someone’s name but should also be able to stand out from the others. This helps you build a brand. So, the more unique your name, the more it will stick in the viewer’s mind.

Online YouTube Name Generator

There are several online tools available for creating YouTube channel names. You can use them to create a list of possible channel names. Firstly, set your theme, select the name you like, and brainstorm to create the perfect version of it. You can get some creative ideas to use officially.

  • SpinXo
  • Kparser
  • Business Name Generator
  • Namchk
  • YouTube Name Generator


Even though the names generated are often vague, they gave you numerous creative ideas to work on.


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