Vitalik Buterin’s Net Worth [Thats Crazy]

October 24, 2022
Vitalik Buterin's Net Worth [Thats Crazy]

A Canadian writer and programmer from Russia, Vitalik Buterin is well known in the crypto industry for being one of the most successful Ethereum co-founders. In terms of market capitalization, this currency has even surpassed Bitcoin to become the second-largest blockchain-based platform in the entire world.

Did you know that Buterin traveled abroad at the age of 19 to visit programmers who shared his passion for coding and had taken inspiration from the best in this field?  Later that year, upon his return to Toronto, he envisioned Ethereum in a white paper, which was published prior to the project’s 2015 launch with the help of seven other founders. Buterin was 21 at the time.

After its launch, on July 30, 2015, the Ethereum network went live with 72 million ETH that had been pre-mined for the ICO. The pre-mined ETH was allocated to Vitalik Buterin being its percentage being 8.

Now, how much is Vitalik Buterin worth?

Vitalik Buterin Net Worth

True, the essence of leadership and success is the ability to envision a brighter future. Vitalik Buterin, because of his creative and brilliant mind, has become the world’s youngest crypto billionaire.

Early in May 2021, after ETH passed the $3,000 mark, Buterin joined the club of the billionaires. However, he was no longer a billionaire due to the abrupt decline in the cryptocurrency market. But in November 2021, the cost of Ethereum shot up and reached a record high of $4,644.01. At the time, Buterin had 325,104 ETH, or roughly $1.46 billion, in his Ethereum wallet.

Ethereum has been a success since its beginnings, with the price of ETH rising from $0.30 in 2015 to over $2,000 in 2022. Because of his rising success, Vitalik  net worth is expected to be around $400 million in October 2022. The platform is now widely used, with over 2,000 decentralized applications built on Ethereum.


Vitalik Buterin’s Life & Background

Russian-Canadian Buterin was raised in a small town close to Moscow. Today, we know him as an expert in the cryptocurrency world.

He has been involved with Bitcoin since its founding. In February 2011, when his father first introduced him to Bitcoin, he was initially uninterested in it. Later, Buterin realized “what horrors centralized services can bring” and how crucial decentralization is after remembering a World of Warcraft trauma in which the game’s developers weakened his favorite character.


He Is Also A Genius

His IQ score of 257 is also the reason why he became successful at such a young age. Buterin continued to pursue his love of computers by enrolling in the University of Waterloo’s computer science program. However, he left after his first year to devote himself entirely to creating Ethereum.

After meeting Bitcoin developers on his travels and learning about the currency’s numerous restrictions, the idea for Ethereum was born.


Later, he transferred to the Abelard School in Toronto, a private high school. After graduating, Buterin enrolled at the University of Waterloo, but after a year of studying computer science, he decided to leave and received the Thiel Fellowship. He spent his free time co-founding and working on various cryptocurrency and digital finance startups.


It is hard to believe that this genius is an individual who dropped out of university and went on to develop his own programing language and is now one of the richest people alive on the planet. But that’s who Vitalik Buterin is.


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