6 Ways to Make Money With Your Phone | 6 Ways

September 7, 2022
Make Money With Your Phone | 6 Ways

How frequently do you use your smartphone? There is a strong possibility that you spend hours every day on mobile devices and you still don’t know that you can make money with your phone.

So, if you’re already spending so much time on your phone, could you possibly earn cash from apps? Consider these simple money-making apps when ready for a side hustle to generate additional income.

The highlight? There are no additional technological requirements for these apps; anyone with a smartphone and an entrepreneurial spirit can earn extra cash from apps. Here are the best money-making apps you could leverage.


One of the great money-making apps is the Mobee app. Mobee app does not require purchasing anything to generate money on your smartphone. While shopping in your favorite stores, you might answer questions or take photographs.

A “Mission” in the app may urge you to visit a particular store, document what you see there, and claim your prizes upon completion. They may arrive in the form of gift cards to significant merchants within 48 hours.

Like other apps on this list, Mobee will likely not break the bank. But if you accept assignments at stores you already frequent, you can earn gift cards for typical expenses without exerting any effort.


Upwork’s ease of use, streamlined communication, and possibility for freelancers to earn more over time make it the finest tool for making money, whether you’re starting a side business or a full-time freelancing enterprise.

Upwork is a great way to make cash from apps where freelancers connect with clients and manage jobs. In addition, Upwork has the most talent categories, profile-building tools, and earning potential.

Upwork makes it easy to build a profile and apply for jobs, regardless of experience. Freelancers can find digital marketing, coding, translation, and more work. Upwork accepts any computer-based work.

You can discover one-time or continuous work with Upwork. New reviews and a higher Job Success Score make you more marketable. In addition, qualified freelancers may receive unique invitations.

Upwork’s Payment Protection program helps freelancers get paid safely and on schedule. Direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, and more ways are available. Freelancer fees are 5-20%. When a client pays more, your charge % drops. Ten days after the weekly billing cycle concludes, funds are deposited.


You can earn $10 for every 20-minute session spent testing applications or items. UserTesting allows you to make $30 per hour by testing new features on your smartphone.

However, you will likely be unable to find enough tasks to replace your full-time position. You will probably not be assigned enough work to keep you occupied for five or six hours daily. Instead, you may encounter between two and six projects per week.

Even if it’s only an additional $30 a week, it’s still a decent opportunity to make a little extra cash from apps each week. This is because you are paid exactly one week after completing a test.


Today, with Jobs2Shop, mystery shopping is as simple as downloading an app, visiting specific stores or restaurants, and providing feedback. But, before cashing out via PayPal, there are further actions you can take within the Jobs2Shop app to enhance your earnings.

The amount of money you get is contingent on the type of evaluation you conduct. The primary disadvantage is that demand for mystery shopping in your area must exist. If you live in a small town with moderate demand, you may not receive these gigs frequently.

If you reside in a larger city and are frequently dispatched to review firms, you could earn $100 or more per month. Jobs2Shop reports that it has paid its 1.7 million members $1.25 million. Indeed, this is a great money-making app.


uTest, a platform for user testing, pays based on offers. You can search for available tasks ranging from bug report creation to usability testing report creation. Each of these projects requires varying amounts of time, and compensation is based on how the client evaluates the quality of the work.

You may receive anywhere from $3 to $50, and bonuses are also possible. For example, you might earn between $10 and $100 per week without effort if you devote a few hours per week. https://www.utest.com/


Swagbucks could be one of your new favorite ways to generate money on your phone. You may earn SB for shopping online as normal and via the mobile application. Unfortunately, you can not receive direct cash back when converting SB, but numerous gift card options are available.

Depending on your buying patterns and willingness to complete little chores, such as completing surveys and answering the daily poll question on the mobile app, you might earn approximately $100 per year in Amazon gift cards. Not bad for doing what you may already be doing, particularly when combined with other loyalty and incentive programs.

Swagbucks claims on its website that it gives 7,000 gift cards daily and has awarded more than $484 million to its customers.

As the world moves closer to completely accepting the burgeoning gig economy, there is an abundance of apps that can augment or replace your full-time employment. Depending on your objectives and interests, you have a range of possibilities from which to choose.


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