eCommerce SEO-Optimizing Your Online Store [Guide]

July 7, 2021
eCommerce SEO-Optimizing Your Online Store [Guide]

Why is it important to optimize your online store? well, bringing more traffic to your website means you will make more sales. so in this post, we will talk about optimizing your website to drive more traffic (clients). more than 50% of people are searching the web for the best eCommerce stores before they make a purchase, other people already know where they are going to make their purchase, and they are comfortable simply jumping on their phone and purchase from their favorite shop. so to make more people comfortable in your store you need to bring your attention to eCommerce SEO. 

A 10-Point Ecommerce SEO Checklist for Marketers

eCommerce SEO proccess.

There are a few key points we need to focus on when we are optimizing our eCommerce website. 

| Keyword Analysis – keywords are the foundation of eCommerce SEO since they make it possible for consumers to find your site using the Google search engine. so making a list of keywords is essential when optimizing our eCommerce shop. finding the right keyword for our niche is practically impossible without the correct tool, so for this reason we already made a post about the perfect SEO tools to help you optimize your site.

Keyword Tool For Monthly Search Volume, CPC & Competition

| Organizing Your Site – eCommerce shop sites usually consist of many pages and categories. for this reason, we need to make sure we make every page easy to find for our customers on the Google search engine. you want the consumer to make a few clicks as possible to find the desired product and not lose them selfs in a messy website, this will make them mad and leave your shop to find another place that is easier to navigate.  5 Mistakes E-Commerce Owners Do That Ruin Their SEO - Delante Blog

| Landing Page Optimization – The homepage of your eCommerce shop will be the beginning of the customer experience. so, optimizing your landing page is essential to attract people and make them want to click and take a tour of your beautiful website. your main focus should be on the website’s graphical design, title tag, meta description, and landing page content. 

3 Key Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page for Lead Generation -

| Responsive Website – Another important SEO optimization element is reducing the speed of how every page on your website is loading. this will rank your website higher on the Google search engine. in order to make sure our website is responsive we will remove as many unnecessary elements as huge images, plugins, and add-ons. basically, anything that doesn’t contribute to your eCommerce website.

What Are the Benefits of Responsive Website Design - Best Web Design Company in Accra, Kumasi, Ghana

| Competitor Research – Conducting research on your competitor will help you understand more about how you can best optimize your website to attract more traffic. research your competitor’s keywords both on their landing page and product pages. you can use tools like SEMRush to see what keywords your competitors are using to optimize their websites.

How to use SEMrush for SEO competitor analysis - Credo

There are many more elements to learn about SEO optimization. this topic is not so simple and takes a long time to understand. these are just the basics of SEO in order to learn more about this subject you can head over to more posts on our website.

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