How To Do Digital Marketing On Facebook

October 19, 2022
How To Do Digital Marketing On Facebook

In a recent report by Statista about the most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2022, Facebook ranked first. With more than 2910 million active users throughout the globe, Facebook stands as a solid platform for marketing products and services.
And that’s where digital marketing comes in. Also known as Facebook marketing, it is a way to target the audience on Facebook and connect with potential clients.

Let’s dive into the following guide and learn more about Facebook marketing, including different ways to do it!

Is Facebook Marketing the Same as Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing comprises Facebook marketing, but Facebook marketing doesn’t include digital marketing. Sounds confusing, right?

In simple words, digital marketing is the process of promoting and selling products or services through digital mediums. These mediums or channels can include online websites, Youtube channels, or social media platforms.

Facebook is a social media platform, so marketing on Facebook is a way of digital marketing. As Facebook is a widely used social media platform, marketing on Facebook to reach more people and raise your brand’s awareness has become highly popular.

Furthermore, social media marketing also includes Facebook marketing. So, it won’t be wrong to say all these terms — Digital marketing, Facebook marketing, and Social Media Marketing — are similar and used interchangeably.

Still, What Comes Under Facebook Marketing?

As mentioned earlier, Facebook marketing includes all the ways to promote services/products or raise awareness about brands/businesses on Facebook.

Digital Marketing on Facebook or Facebook Marketing primarily includes the following:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Business Pages
  • Sponsored posts
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Groups

And more. Becoming an expert Facebook digital marketer involves mastering how to use Facebook for promotional purposes and drive more sales.

How to Use Facebook for Marketing?

Using Facebook for marketing is easy when you know where to start. Some of the popular ways are discussed below:

1. Facebook Pages

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook offers free marketing tools for running pages. As a digital marketer, you should learn to make the most of a Facebook page. It should be well-organized, covering everything from posts, images, and links to facilitate the viewer.

2. Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook marketing tools also let you run ad campaigns with maximum control over who to target. You can promote images, videos, or collections with call-to-action buttons to connect instantly with clients.

3. Sponsored Facebook Posts

Sponsored posts on Facebook differ from ad campaigns, where you can control most variables and deeply analyze results. On the other hand, paid posts are primarily about engagement and are used to sell products/services.

4. Facebook Contests

Hosting contests and competitions is a great way to promote your brand, but the contest should relate to your brand. For instance, animation companies can hold art competitions to get more engagement on their page. Giveaways are also popular to increase your Facebook page reach.

5. Sponsored Stories

Same as posts, you can promote stories to reach more people. You can also add buttons like this or that or ask questions on stories to increase the engagement rate.

Final Words

Facebook marketing is the same as digital or social media marketing, as the goal is to promote/sell products/services. However, all the marketing tactics occur within Facebook using its provided marketing tools.

You can sponsor posts, stories, or collections. You can also run ad campaigns or make the most of your Facebook page to connect with potential clients worldwide. 


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