What Is A Digital Marketing Funnel

October 20, 2022
What Is A Digital Marketing Funnel

In an ideal world, customers might come across your product and instantly make a purchase. However, things are much more complicated in the real world, and it is quite impossible to anticipate how customers will navigate until they make the final purchase. This is where a digital marketing funnel comes to the rescue!

So what is a digital marketing funnel?

Digital marketing funnel is a strategic concept that represents the entire buying journey of your customers. This concept allows salespeople to understand their customers in a better way and to improve their services.

This blog will explain digital marketing funnel stages and much more to enable you to segment your marketing campaigns efficiently. By the end, you will also know how to create a digital marketing funnel and have the most out of it!

What Are Various Digital Marketing Funnel Stages?

Digital marketing funnel comes into shape by mapping the various steps a consumer takes. These steps can start from the moment they first learn about your services to when they decide whether or not to buy them.

You must implement various strategies and techniques at each step to have your clients move down the funnel and eventually close to purchasing your services. The digital marketing funnel starts with awareness, leads, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase. Below we have explained each and every stage briefly.

  • Awareness: This is the step where potential customers become aware of your services or products.
  • Leads: Customers have already expressed interest in your service or product at this stage. You now have to nurture your clients to generate a lead.
  • Consideration: Leads are viewed as potential consumers once they have been transformed into marketing-qualified leads (MQL) during the consideration stage.
  • Intent: The intent stage is a significant accomplishment. It demonstrates that a potential customer is interested in purchasing your goods and provides you with an opportunity to convince them that you are the best option available.
  • Evaluation: Prospects choose whether or not to make a purchase during the evaluation phase of the buyer’s journey.
  • Purchase: The potential consumer has decided to buy and is about to complete a transaction that will convert him into a client.

How To Create A Digital Marketing Funnel?

If you want to create a DM funnel, make sure to follow these simple to follow steps;

What Is A Digital Marketing Funnel

Create ads and content

The primary stage in creating a digital marketing funnel is all about awareness. You can start with creating ads and content. However, it is viable for you to use objective and trust-inducing content to point the audience in the right direction.

Formulate an appealing offer

Create an offer that motivates people to continue learning about your initiatives. Your offer should pique new visitors’ curiosity by providing something of actual value. 

Set up the landing page

When your target audience clicks on your ad for the first time, they will touchdown on your landing page. At this point, it is necessary that your landing page hosts your offer, showcases your knowledge, and provides consumers with a better understanding of your services.

Generate emailing patterns

Create an email campaign to remind your audience of your existence. Also, keep providing your customers with useful information until they purchase the services.

Make sure everything is connected

Lastly, you must link the various components of your DM funnel for the lead magnet and email sequence to be sent to those who sign up for your offer.

Bottom Line

Now you know what a DM funnel is and how to create a digital marketing funnel, value the funnel and create something useful to impact your business in a useful way. Make sure you try out all the stages mentioned here to know that the strategy is working!

Best of luck!








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