Everything About Digital Marketing Analytics

October 23, 2022
Everything About Digital Marketing Analytics

LinkedIn views innovation and analytical thinking, the two metrics that are critical to every business function, including digital marketing, as the top skill in 2022. As a result, the demand for digital marketing analysts is only increasing.
With the amount of global digital marketing ad spending reaching more than $450 billion in 2021, companies are actively looking for proficient individuals who can evaluate, run, and optimize digital marketing campaigns.
If this career path sounds intriguing to you, you must know everything, such as what is a digital marketing analyst, how digital marketing analytics is doneand what skills are required to succeed in this role. 

How Digital Marketing Analytics Is Done

In order to know how to do digital marketing analytics, it is first essential to know the definition of digital marketing analytics: translating customer behavior into actionable business data. 

Social Media Today claims that analytics inform you on what you are doing wrong or right and what is working or not working on various marketing aspects, from email to social media to content marketing.

It is done by digital marketers, in which they gather customer data, use digital marketing analytics tools to examine the data, and find patterns that provide insights into future marketing strategies. 

Digital marketing analytics focuses on the usefulness of marketing techniques and how they can be made better. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are a few platforms that can be used for running a digital analysis.

This provides actionable data for businesses, such as creative preferences, regional preferences, conversions, consumer behavior, etc. This data helps you to know and target your prospects more efficiently.

Allowing an unsuccessful campaign to run is a waste of time and money. Hence, you should implement digital marketing analytics in your overall marketing strategy. 

What Is A Digital Marketing Analyst, and What Do They Do?

A digital marketing analyst is someone who carries out research and follows the latest online statistics and marketing trends, examines the information gathered that could be easily accessed, and helps people in the digital marketing team develop marketing plans based on that. 

Their job is to support a marketing team by examining, monitoring, and optimizing digital marketing campaigns. This involves making use of different business intelligence tools and analytics to collect data and then evaluating it to develop recommendations and in-depth insights.

This is shared with the entire team via presentations and reports. In some firms, digital marketing analysts might even run campaigns. Besides this, digital marketing analysts must stay well-informed about the up-and-coming digital trends and brand mentions across the internet and social media channels. 

An individual considering working as a digital marketing analyst must possess a good portfolio of previous work and a few years of experience in a similar position or field. Moreover, the candidate must also be skillful in using online platforms, marketing and analytical software, social media, and tools like Google Analytics. 

Digital Marketing Analyst Must-Have Skills

Like any professional, a digital marketing analyst must also use an array of soft and hard skills to perform well. Though some of these skills only come to people naturally, they can all be easily learned with time. Here are the must-have set of skills digital marketing analysts need to possess:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Excellent communication
  • Remarkable organizational skills
  • Strategic approach
  • Marketing smarts
  • Awareness of digital marketing technology 
  • Willingness to learn
  • Curiosity
  • Detail-oriented

Wrapping Up

The work of a digital marketing analyst can be incredibly challenging but, at the same, highly rewarding for the right person. Many successful brands use digital marketing analytics to:

  • Attract and engage more customers
  • Analyze SEO traffic
  • Enhance their product quality
  • Assess ad campaign efficacy
  • Optimize their brand image

Suffice to say, digital marketing analytics is a tool that yields numerous benefits, which is why many firms give precedence to this step in their digital marketing strategy. 


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