Impression Click Through Rate – Convert Visitors In To Leads

January 7, 2022
Impression Click Through Rate - Convert Visitors In To Leads

Impression Click Through Rate – The Organic way

How is Impression Click Through Rate related to SEO? well, it’s very simple. CTR tells you how many people clicked throughout the total number of impressions, in SEO this means how many people saw your search result and clicked on it. And in Google, The higher on search results you get the more visitors you grab into your Website. Ok good, now that they are on your website how many of them will keep being there and convert? Not many If the website doesn’t have the right CRO tool, they will just go back to where they came from.

How can you change that? Easily!

You have to get the right marketing tool for this job. In one go you can enhance your hospitality and get your visitors to go right through to your CTA. 

Imagine your website as your home. You have a friend David that came to visit but without any warning just left and didn’t even say goodbye. The second you figured it out you called him and invited him to come back for an Awesome barbeque and he obviously came back. You both had an amazing time eating together and having conversations. What you did there was convert David into a barbeque buddy and it worked flawlessly.

Now how can you do the same on your website? Your website isn’t converting and making sales on the level you need and want. your bounce rate percentage is in the sky and you have no clue what to do. But don’t give up, you just need the right strategy to get David back to your home to an enjoyable barbeque through the use of a powerful CRO marketing tool.

Many Benefits In One Tool

A conversion rate optimization strategy is a must for every successful digital business owner. And it’s obvious why. you want visitors to stay and convert and spend money on your website – buying products, engaging in posts, subscribing and etc’. 

At the end of the day, if you spend a fortune on online marketing and get high levels of traffic but they don’t convert, you just waste a lot of money for nothing. Now with the right conversion tool Impression Click Through Rate will transform into warm and paying leads. Here are some more benefits from conversion rate optimization. 

Getting More Loyal Customers

The right CRO tool will clear the path toward your call to action and help remove all of the distractions from your customer. This will greatly increase conversions and will help visitors through the customer decision journey. Thus increasing conversion rates dramatically. 

Higher Investment Returns And Business Growth

That’s simple. The more visitors follow through with your call to action – The higher ROI you get. The most cost-effective way to hold your traffic at bay and make your profits go higher is with conversion rate optimization.

SEO and Content Quality Improvement

Google gives priority to websites with low bounce rates. Google categorizes those websites as credible. With the right tool and or strategy you will get categorized as such with ease. High bounce rates actually hurt your SEO ranking and get you lower in the search results.

Ready to meet the solution to your problems?

Conversion Rate Optimization Tool That Will Skyrocket Your Website

Meet CRO Gorilla – Automated solution for your bounce rate problems. The most powerful software out there for improving the conversation optimization process. 

Simple installation and activation process and you can start gently pushing your customers to the final goal. How? Well with CRO Gorilla there is no running and getting distracted. The second they want to leave or switch tab you grab their attention with sound, notification, or an emoji and get them right back to your page. CRO Gorilla gives you a second and third chance to convert those visitors and make them long-term paying customers. With CRO Gorilla your conversion rate will skyrocket you will just need to sit back and enjoy gaining back almost bounced visitors.

Statistically, with CRO Gorilla, you will earn 80% of your customer back to your website

CRO Gorilla improves your brand authority while gently pushing visitors through the decision journey

Customers can feel it when you have a good strategy to grab their attention, thus more likely will see you as an authority in your industry. This alone influence greatly all the purchase decisions. You have to part away from your competitors and impress your audience. With CRO Gorilla you can do both. Make your customers choose you over them. 

Don’t let your visitors Leave You. Make them Convert With CRO Gorilla

Use your marketing wisely, don’t waste money on visitors that will bounce on you just because of a bad CRO strategy. Don’t let their distractions lose you money. Just like with David you can get them back with a special treat prepared “just for them” 

Try CRO Gorilla now for only 19.95$/m instead of the original price of 97$/m and boost your website conversion rates to the highest you could possibly get. 


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Works For Any Type Of Niche
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3X Traffic & Sales Guaranteed
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Easy To Setup & Customize
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