Make A TikTok With Pictures And Music | Everything You Need To Know

October 27, 2022
Make A TikTok With Pictures And Music | Everything You Need To Know

You have probably seen hundreds of videos with both pictures and popular music trending on TikTok. These compilation videos are perfect for making captivating videos that will help you reach more audiences and gain publicity across the platform. So, how to make a TikTok video with pictures and music?

While the attention and appreciation are absolutely admirable, TikTok editing can be quite intimidating because of all the icons and features available. But don’t worry; we have created a comprehensive guide on creating a TikTok with images and music. Here is how to make a TikTok video.


How to Add Pictures to TikTok?

Hers is how to make a TikTok.

  • At the bottom of your screen, click the ‘Plus’ sign.
  • On the lower right, click on ‘Upload.’ To filter for the images on your ‘Camera Roll,’ choose Photos at the top of the screen.
  • Choose up to 35 photos for inclusion. You must select them in the order you want them to appear since, unlike video clips, you cannot modify them to change their order.
  • Choose images from the media collection.
  • Your pictures will play sequentially when they are displayed in video mode.
  • You can use ‘Photo Mode’ to toggle between photographs like a slideshow.
  • Once you have finished adding photographs, click ‘Next’ to begin adding music.


Now, how to add music to TikTok?

How to Add Sound to TikTok?

TikTok has an advantage as it has a vast music collection for you to use when creating videos. You can also include music from your phone library. Moreover, with TikTok, you won’t have to worry about copyright issues. To add music to your pictures, follow these steps:


  • To open the audio menu, select ‘Sound’ at the top of the screen.
  • Preview songs from the TikTok audio library to find a song you like.
  • Choose the music and click the box to include your TikTok with photographs.
  • You might also select ‘Voiceover’ to add an audio track to accompany your pictures.


Now, how to edit TikTok videos?

Add Effects to Your Pictures on TikTok

Once the music has been added, it’s time to add effects, stickers, and other elements to make your TikTok more appealing.  After all, effects give your videos a more professional appearance. You can choose from a variety of free effects, like filters, transitions, and others. Follow these instructions to include them in your TikTok.


  • After clicking on the ‘’ options, several options, including filters and stickers, will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can choose from a variety of effects that it will provide.
  • When adding an effect to a certain segment of your video, tap and hold the desired area.
  • But if you wish to apply an effect to the entire video, tap and hold the effect for the entire duration.


This is how to make a TikTok video with pictures and music.


Wrap it Up

Now that your video editing part is done, it’s time to upload and make it public for your audience.


  • Firstly, add your caption and hashtags, tag other users, and edit your video settings.
  • Then, select if you want to upload it only for your friends or everyone on the TikTok platform.
  • Then, hit the ‘Post’ button and start sharing to receive all the love!


So, now you know how to make a TikTok with pictures and music?


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