Designing WordPress Website Never Been Easier

December 30, 2021
Designing new WordPress website can be overwhelming and frustrating, but not when you use this awesome WordPress plugin:

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a senior WordPress designer, present or new WordPress site owner you probably know how frustrating it can be at times designing an appealing website. With this plugin, Designing WordPress Website has never been so easy. 

Elementor – Your New Way Designing WordPress Website

Why Elementor? It’s a great question! Elementor is a powerful tool for Designing WordPress Websites, with it you will equip your website with a vibrant, unique, and impressive look without any effort. This plugin is very user-friendly and with it, you do not need a website designer.

Around 4 million websites use Elementor for their designing, and the numbers go up each day. Get a perfectly polished website all by yourself, With easy use  Drag-and-drop based Builder. You don’t have to pay for a website designer, with this plugin you can Leave the boring theme design behind and get a professional, vibrant and unique Website just the way you want it.

What do you get with


Good Value For Your Money – Isn’t it free? Yes to a certain extent it is free to use Elementor and often it is all you need. Nonetheless Hiring a freelancer to design your website will be way more expensive than getting yourself Elementor Pro. As a result, you will get a Unique design just the way you imagine it.

Designing WordPress Website Live – Elementor works on the front end of your website, this means you will see live changes as you design. 

Friendly Interface – Elementor built in a very user-friendly way. You don’t need any coding experience to make this work. No more paying freelancers for their knowledge of HTML/CSS/PHP coding, now you can do everything yourself with an easy Drag-and-Drop interface. 

Fresh, Unique, Vibrant Website – Stand out of the crowd with Elementor. No more boring WordPress themes, with this plugin you will add a lot of eye-catching elements and a fresh look to your website.

Compatibility – Elementor is compatible with every WordPress theme, so there is no need to change it. Just add it and start Upgrading and polishing your website.

Never-ending templates – The free version of Elementor gives you 150 free templates to use and in most cases, it is more than enough. But if this isn’t enough with the Pro version you will get more than 300 additional templates. There is everything for each taste.

Never-ending features – Templates are only the start of the magnificent library of tools and features Elementor gives you. Easily add Images, Custom Headings, Carousels, Icons, Shortcodes, Dividers, Media icons, Testimonials, Image galleries, and a lot more. 

SEO friendly –  Automatic Mobile responsivity 

Fully Compatible with Woocomerce – Redesign and rebuild in Bulk all your Default pages. 

Designing WordPress Website With Elementor – Plans and Prices 

As we said Elementor’s basic package is free of charge and would in most cases be enough for you. But, you already gonna pay less money because you don’t need a designer it will be worthwhile for you to pay a little extra for the Pro version.

With the Pro version, you will get 300 extra Templates, 24/7 Premium customer support, Custom element or block (Using custom CSS), 50+ modules and elements, custom-built pop-ups, and add-ons, coupon/discounts/forms integration with your pop-ups.

Pro Version Integrates With The Vast Majority Of Platforms Like: 

MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Campaign, Monitor, HubSpot, Zapier, DonReach, Drip, GetResponse, Adobe TypeKit, ReCAPTCHA, Facebook SDK, Slack, MailerLite, Discord, Honeypot. 


Those are the current prices of the Pro Package

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money! Start With The Free Version Right Now – 


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