How To Become An Uplander In Upland

October 3, 2022
How to Become an Uplander in Upland

To become an Uplander in Upland, you simply need to have 10,000 UPX on your account. All possible approaches to achieving this result in this. Don’t worry; this is achievable for nothing. Let’s learn how to quickly become an Uplander in Upland.


How to Become an Uplander in Upland

You can become an Uplander in Upland by following the below-mentioned tips and tricks:


Get Your First UPX

Upland welcomes you with a generous 4,500 UPX bonus. The following 21 days will see a little daily bonus appear on your account. Simply purchase UPX and that will be all the procedures you need to skip. You can achieve the status by paying in a matter of minutes because purchasing 5,000 UPX is essentially equivalent to paying $5.


Take Part in a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts occasionally include deploying your block explorer to look for treasure in a city that may or may not provide you UPX. Even while Treasure Hunting is frequently effective, it could take some time before you can start earning a lot of UPX from them.


Bringing Collections to Completion

You receive 100 UPX from minting properties. Similar to that, adding your first item to the Newbie Collection will reward you with a generous 800 UPX bonus. Although difficult to complete, collections can be rewarding. Keep in mind that you can always list a property for sale once you have the Uplander Status.


Take Part in Community Events

In Upland’s Metaverse, live events occur every week, therefore it would be an excellent way to obtain UPX. You can acquire enough depending on the benefits offered by the hotel and the event. In no time, UPX will become an Uplander.

Get Help from Other Players

You receive a visiting fee of 100 UPX when gamers come to your property. It’s the usual procedure in Upland to visit properties and request that others do the same. However, it can take some time until you receive the precise quantity of UPX that you require.


Useful Tips To Become an Uplander On Upland in Just 2 Weeks

The objective is to become an Uplander so that you may start selling properties and eventually advance. In any game, spending money is always a quicker way to advance levels.  In roughly two weeks, anyone can become an Uplander without paying any money.

Take the following actions before beginning your Upland adventure. Of course, some preparation and planning are needed to complete these tricks.

  • Sign up using the official Upland links to receive 6000 UPX for a new beginning.
  • Start with more recent locations that have a lot of FSA properties.
  • Don’t purchase your first property as the game advises. The property is a 3000 UPX mid-range property. One property will cost you half of your UPX.
  • Alternatively, travel around a little and look for properties that are affordable, between 1900 and 2000 UPX, on a single street. You’ll be able to purchase up to three properties thanks to this.
  • After purchasing your first home, update your Newbie collection to include 800 UPX. If one is available on the same street, this allows you to purchase a little more expensive property.
  • When you have acquired your first two properties, you will also receive bonuses of between 100 and 200 UPX.
  • Boost your collections by going there right now. You will earn more money as a result of this.
  • The first is an 800 UPX Newbie collection.
  • The next task entails collecting 350 UPX while updating 3 properties in the same city.
  • Since you previously purchased three houses on the same street, update your “King of the street” collection by gathering 950 UPX.
  • After the aforementioned, you will have enough money to purchase a second affordable property.
  • You will have a total worth of approximately 8500 UPX, 4 properties, and 3 collections in roughly 30 minutes.
  • For a daily bonus (475 UPX + 300 UPX) every week, log in each day. This bonus – 1550 UPX – is accessible for up to two weeks. 10000 UPX will be added to this bonus!


If you follow the suggested strategy, it should only take you two weeks to achieve Uplander status!


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