How Do You Know When Your Laptop Is Overheating [Quick Guide]

October 20, 2022
How Do You Know When Your Laptop Is Overheating [Quick Guide]

Laptop overheating can cause a lot of hardware damage which sometimes is irreparable. So, it is critical you detect the overheating as early as possible and do something about it.

But many people have no idea about how they can know their laptops are heating up.

To be honest, it is super easy to find out that your laptop is having heating problems. The device itself gives a lot of signs that it has overheated and needs to cool down.

Here’s how you can know that your laptop has gone too hot:

1.  When Laptop Fan Start Running Fast Or Make Weird Noises

Your laptop has an in-built ventilation system that cools down the inner parts when they overheat. The fan is an integral part of it which facilitates the airflow. When the laptop overheats, the fans start to spin ever harder so that more air flows through it and ventilation (heat passage) occurs smoothly. When it does, it starts making more noise which you can easily hear.


2.  Laptop Gets Slower

The laptop starts doing everything it can to protect itself from overheating and damage. One such thing is that the system cuts down on efficiency whenever the device heats up too much. As a result, your laptop gets slower. So, take the device slowing down as one of the signs that it is getting hotter than usual.

Laptops sometimes get so heated that the system freezes. In this situation, you cannot open or close any program, so you just close the laptop and wait for it to cool down.

3.  Some Laptops Send Overheating Alert

Advanced or expensive laptop models (like Mac Pro and the latest HP devices) also send you overheating alerts and suggest you do something about it (like shutting down the device for a while). The alert can be seen in the notifications section.

4.  Lines or Error Messages Appear On the Screen

Sometimes, overheating can cause lines and error messages on the screen. It is one of the common signs that your laptop has heated up more than usual and needs some time to cool down.

Usually, the error message appears at the top or on the right side, while the lines appear on the left side. But that’s not always the case.

Be vigilant of any lines appearing on your screen and read every message the system sends you. When the lines or error messages keep on appearing and don’t go, you should turn off your device for some time.

5.  Laptop Shuts Down All of a Sudden

The last major sign of laptop overeating is abrupt shutdown. Laptops can detect overheating and shut down on their own to cool down, while others do this because the motherboard cannot work properly.

No matter what, if your laptop shuts down all of a sudden, let it stay shut for some minutes so that the components cool off.

In addition to these, the Blue screen of death and warmer laptop bottom can also mean that your laptop is overheated and needs some relaxing.

Got The Symptoms? 

If you want to be sure your laptop is overheating, you shouldn’t just examine it outside. Use one of those programs to know for sure, because even if your laptop is hot it isn’t automatically meaning it gets damaged inside.  Your CPU should go higher than 90C or 194F. 

You can find the best measurement programs HERE. Good luck!

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