Who Defined Productivity? [Shocking]

November 7, 2022
Who Defined Productivity? [Shocking]

In today’s era, technology is leading the whole system. You can get your profit by measuring productivity. Numerous tools can help you to maintain the productivity of your enterprise. Whether running a small business or a vast corporation, you can obtain the productivity level by the ratio of output and input.


so who Defined Productivity? Sumanth, a French mathematician, introduced “Productivity” in 1766. Later in 1883, Litter defined productivity as the capability to produce. Moreover, Fabricant interpreted productivity as the probability of output and input in 1978. Gradually, various people have explained the definition of productivity in their terms.


Therefore, let’s hop in and explore more about productivity.

How To Measure Productivity?

There’s no rocket science behind the measurement of productivity. The calculation of productivity informs you about the goals and factors that play a fundamental role in developing revenue. As you know, productivity is the ratio of output and input. I.e.

Productivity = Output / Input


Committee productivity in a bureau is assessed with the help of

  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Formulae


And many more factors established on various abundance indexes. Here are a few factors that play a vital role in calculating productivity.

  • Weekly / monthly reports
  • Statistical data
  • Balance figures


These factors are collected, refined, distinguished, and examined to evaluate a team’s level of productivity and efficiency.

How To Improve Productivity?

The following methods can improve the productivity of a firm. Let’s move along and see how to enhance your firm’s productivity.

1- Individual Productivity

Boosting individual productivity will help you to accomplish more work in a minimal time. Here are a few tips & tricks to grow personal productivity.

Begin With Vital Task

Your energy will be higher at the beginning of the day. The best way to start your day is to grab the most challenging task and start doing it. You’ll quickly finish the work in no time. Later you can concentrate on the mild chores.

Gain Positive Momentum

A positive mind can help you to finish hectic work in seconds. If you’re struggling with a task and unable to complete it, leave it.


Grab a simple chore that will bring positive energy to your body to work more passionately. After a while, you can commence that tough job with an active soul.

Work Smarter

Clever work is way better than hard work. Make a schedule and mark the chore as you complete it. The accomplishment of each duty will bring a lot more energy to you.


Regular breaks are fundamental during work. Constant work will tire your mind, and you’ll be incapable of doing any job.

2- Team Productivity

When you’re dreaming of ranking your business at the top, you’ll have to work on increasing the team’s productivity.

Breakdown Projects

Converting large projects into small ones by dividing duties in your team will reduce work time. You’ll complete your work minimally and can proceed to another task.

Regular Feedback

Adequate feedback boosts team spirit and encourages laborers to work harder and perform better. Deliver responses regularly; concentrating on activity rather than the individual is mandatory.


Hopefully, you have got basic information about productivity. You don’t have to be concerned about measurement; you can assess productivity independently. Further, you can also improve the development of your firm by following the given methods. Now you know who Defined Productivity!

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