Side hustles : Turn your passion into an extra income

June 17, 2021
Side hustles : Turn your passion into an extra income


Side hustles are entertaining.

They are even more enjoyable when it’s something you can make yourself. There are so many creative ways and things to make and sell online, the following list will blow your mind. 

Creativity can be a massive plus if you know how to monetize your hobby. Many creative performances are not only profitable but also quite popular. And you know what the best part is? 

With the growth of online marketplaces, the world of selling has taken a whole new meaning. You can finally assuage your passion and make money from it online. 


Here are some productive things to make and sell on the internet:


Homemade pet treats

Side hustles : Turn your passion into an extra income

Did you know that you can create treats for your furry friends and turn them into a profitable business? Yes, yes, you’ve heard me well. Just like baking, this field is in full expansion.  Making pet treats is a great side gig and can be extremely satisfying especially if you love baking. if you want to take it part-time, then it can pay around to a thousand per month.



How many times have you come across a stunning piece of jewelry on Instagram? I am sure most of them or made by someone creative as a side hustle. Well, if you are good with hands you could make creations with stones, metal, or other natural materials. 

 If you love making amazing creations with metal, stone, beads, or wire, you are looking at a great money-making gig. It does take some time to research and niche down on your type of jewelry, find out which platforms are good to sell on like Shopify, and get your materials.

Once you are all set up, it’s all about creating beautiful masterpieces and selling them online.



Whether it is photography, video making, painting, or whatever else, you can sell your creations online for good money. Lots of platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, Ugallery, and so on, offer you the opportunity to sell and give visibility to your art. Another option like start a blog to showcase your creative skills and use social media like Instagram for marketing your art pieces. 




Are you a pedagogue? From those who like to share their knowledge with others? Then why not make this an income and start creating online courses. You can create quality content according to your interests and sell them through platforms such as Thinkific, Kajabi, or Teachable. All these course platforms are very simple to use and have several features to make it easy for you to create courses of your choice. 

Creating courses is one of the easiest and best ways to get a passive income. 



If you like to please your guests with deliciousness, and generously, baking is certainly for you. Then you can surely start a profitable side hustle from home. It’s one of the most popular businesses around and has a high percentage of profit. Depending on where you live, some permits are required. You can always start with social media marketing and create a website to promote your side gig. 

If you love baking or whipping up sweet treats, then you can surely start a profitable home business. It’s one of the most popular home businesses around and has great income potential. Keep in mind that permits are required depending on your location. You can always promote your work on social media and create a website. 


Homemade tote bags, purses, or beach bags are trendy, so why don't you surf on this trend, if you are thinking about selling bags from home.  You can sell patch bags that you made with your  

As well as cooking, candle-making is quite a popular side hustle. It might seem very complicated and high-cost materials, but it is very easy to learn and can start with low-cost materials. What may be a bit more difficult is to make your product unique by using different materials, scents, packaging… You can start marketing your stuff through social media, local stores/markets, or websites like Shopify. 



We usually hear a lot of funny quirky sayings on T-shirts. let me tell you something, T-shirts are very easy and websites like CafePress, the spring, or Zazzle make it a smooth process. Creativity and a way to market your business are the keys.

Many of the above websites let you open a store online and sell your stuff. You can also have your website to promote your creations.




As a shy person and a shutterbug, photography has a special place in my heart. I am pretty sure you would also want to turn your passion into a passive income. There are many ways to earn good money as a photographer. The possibilities are endless. You can earn through a partnership with a local photographer, sponsorships, or commission work… In addition to this, you can sell some goodies, prints, photo books, and this entirely online. 



Designing lover of beautiful printables or online journals? There are so many things you can do like bullet journals, calendars, wall art, coloring. possibilities are endless. If you are thinking about entering the field of creating printables, it’s pretty easy. You can find inspiration on Pinterest and use online tools like Canva to design your very own printable and start to sell them on Etsy. 

I love how easy and passive this side hustle is; you just have to sculpt out a niche for yourself and promote.

I interviewed a young designer, Sarah Foller, who started selling printables on Etsy, and now her shop has reached 1.000 sales. 


Homemade cosmetics

Have you ever made a beauty concoction, as your grandmother used to, for yourself? Homemade cosmetics are growing in popularity and progressively people want natural ingredients and non-toxic in their cosmetics.  

You can create beauty products like face masks, lotion, lip balms, hair shampoo, and face wash… This is like any other home business, it requires you to research the market, and be transparent about the ingredients when you are advertising your products.  

You can start a partnership with local green markets and little by little, reach supermarkets.



Soapmaking is pretty much like Homemade cosmetics or candle-making. You have endless possibilities regarding making soaps. Start from zero and make a unique product with all the required materials. Once the products are made, you can start selling them on platforms like Amazon, Instagram, or Etsy. 


Baby clothes

Designing baby clothes is such a fun and satisfying gig. If you have a creative eye for designing clothes, then why not make something for the kids? The baby clothes market is a competitive sphere. This is one of the home businesses that have a huge potential to earn a great income.



Side hustles : Turn your passion into an extra income

Homemade tote bags, purses, or beach bags are trendy, so why don’t you surf on this trend, if you are thinking about selling bags from home.  You can sell patch bags that you made with your old clothes and sell them on websites like eBay or Amazon Handmade. 



When it comes to selling baby stuff, handmade toys are one of the most popular items you can sell online. Woodwork toys, stuffed bears are mainly sold on Etsy. this is one of the best side hustles you can start with as a beginner.  


Bath bombs

Bath bombs are pretty similar to soaps and have almost the same process of making. In recent times, bath bombs are one of the most sold items in handmade commerce. Pay attention that in some countries, permits are required to sell bath bombs. 


Gift basket

Do you love creating stunning gifts to give to your friends? This gift basket business is perfect for some who love to arrange, decorate and select gifts according to customer demand. 

Once you targeted your market, you can factor in your expenses and any licenses you need to get depending on the place. The rest is to have a global view of your marketing plan. 



Who doesn’t love making fun of and gluing stickers all over his calendar or journal? As a child, I loved to do it. Making stickers is one of the best beginner-friendly side gigs you can start with if you are part of the creative ones. You can start by creating logos stickers, car stickers, kids stickers, and so on, on a design website like Canva. Or design and sell them on websites like Printify.


Graphic designs

As well as photography or printables, Graphic designs are a very flexible and creative side gig. You can sell personalized designs to your clients. In some cases, it’s better if you’ve done a course in graphic design or something related to it. This can help you and give a boost to your new business. You can start as a freelancer on a website named Fiverr. 



If you are someone that loves the scent and knows how to mix them, so you should start a business, then the perfume business is just for you. It will take some time to mix scents and succeed to make a sellable product, but don’t worry it is not impossible. Also focusing on the packaging is very important for your potential client that cannot smell your product before. He has attractive packaging to feel the attractive packaging. 


Side hustle: Guideline To Make And Sell Things Online


Choose a product

This is certainly the most crucial part of your business, the product, the raw material that will allow you to start your activity. In all sectors, competition is very strong, so you must spend a lot of time choosing your products. Target your customers, and think about the market and the demand.

By offering unique products, you will stand out from the rest.

Choose your platform

 Choose the platform that suits your product and check if the website ships internationally.


Promote on social media/blogs

Marketing is the last but most important step in your journey to success. Nowadays, digital marketing has become the method of choice for all businesses. By using Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you can promote your business. To generate interest in your brand, you can organize contests with prizes or vouchers.


Think outside the box

To start as a self-employed entrepreneur and create your own business may seem difficult, but you have to take risks and follow your desires, your passion. Each step is a new one, get off the beaten track and find new ideas that will make your creations unique. Create a contact with your customers to serve them better. This is the best way to lay a solid foundation for a successful business.

The choices are endless if you want to make and sell items online. From Jewelry to graphic designs, there are many things you can choose to make and sell online. Just browse through the choices above and pick the one that interests you.


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