110 Motivational Quotes For Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

September 1, 2022
110 Motivational Quotes For Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Why do we find inspirational quotes to be so endearing? What is it about them? At some point in their lives, every goal-oriented person will realize that the world is full of activities that make them feel good but waste their time since they feel like labor. Reading endless lists of motivational quotes is not an exception to this rule. Despite this, there is an undiscovered benefit to finding a pithy term that sums up our convictions in the most accurate way. 

When reading motivational quotations, we frequently get the impression that someone else’s words are enlarged versions of our thoughts that have been brought back to life. And the perfect quote at the right moment can make a difference; words are powerful, and inspirational phrases can inspire us to get up, overcome difficult times, intervene, stop procrastinating, step outside of our comfort zone, motivate employees, invest in self-improvement, launch a business, and do the difficult work that needs to be done.

Even the most successful people have a favorite motivational quote or two that they look to for guidance when things are tough, when they need to be reminded of a key personal value, or when they need some ideas to help them be more productive working from home. Quotes are terse tidbits of humor and wisdom that are easy to revisit whenever we find ourselves in a position where we could benefit from them.

The following are some of our favorite quotes from various sources to motivate and inspire readers. We have high hopes that you will find a handful that resonates with you and that you will frequently use to keep yourself motivated.

What Are the 110 Quotes to Motivate Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Deep motivating quotes

  • “We are not going to be able to address problems using the same line of thinking that we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

  • “Educate yourself as if you will never die, but live as if you will pass away tomorrow.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • “Stay away from those individuals who are always trying to put down your achievements and goals. This will always be the case with small minds, but being around great minds will give you the impression that you, too, have the potential to become great.” — Mark Twain

  • “When you make other people happy, you will be rewarded with even more happiness yourself. You should give some serious consideration to the joy that you can spread to other people.” —Theodora Roosevelt, Eleanor

  • “Remember that the world around you also changes as you change your thinking.” The Reverend Norman Vincent Peale

  • “The only way for our life to get better is if we are willing to take some risks. Becoming honest is the first step in taking the risk that we need to take, and it’s also the hardest.” —Walter Anderson

  • “Nature has provided us with all that is necessary to achieve outstanding wellbeing and health, but she has relied on us to bring all of these components together,” —Diane McLaren

Motivational quotations for succeeding

  • The ability to pick yourself up and try again is what truly matters, not whether or not you succeed in the end. ― Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

  • It is okay to fail at being original than to excel at being imitative. — Herman Melville

  • “The path to success and the path to failure is virtually indistinguishable from one another.” — Professor Colin R. Davis

  • “Those who are too busy hunting for success frequently end up finding it.” — Henry David Thoreau

  • “Build your success on your past failures. Failure and disappointment are two of the most important stepping stones to achieving. —Dale Carnegie

  • “Nothing in the universe can replace Persistence. Skill will not; nothing is more prevalent than talented men who are unsuccessful. Genius will not do so; unrewarded genius is practically a cliche. Education will not change this; the world is saturated with educated criminals. The human race’s issues have been resolved and will continue to be resolved by the phrase “Press On. ” President Calvin Coolidge

  • Kindness is the first step on the path to ultimate success. Being charitable is the second method. The third method is to show kindness. —Mister Rogers

  • “Achievement is peace of mind, which is a direct outcome of knowing you worked hard to be the greatest you are competent of becoming.” —John Wooden

  • “Success was never even a thought that crossed my mind. I earned it via hard effort. —Estée Lauder

  • “Success is obtaining the things you want; happiness is desiring what you get,” ―W. P. Kinsella

Life Quotes to Motivate You

  • “The pessimist views every situation as fraught with trouble. The optimist views every obstacle as an opportunity.” ― Winston Spencer Churchill

  • “Do not let yesterday dominate today.” — Will Rogers

  • “Failure teaches you more than achievement. Don’t allow it to deter you. Failure strengthens character” — Not Known

  • “You don’t need to be forced if you’re concentrating on something you’re genuinely interested in. The vision attracts you.” — Steve Jobs

  • “Experience is a difficult instructor because she administers the test first and the lesson second.” ―Vernon Sanders Law

  • Knowing how much there is to know is the first step to knowing how to live. —Judith West

  • “The secret to a captivating future is goal planning.” —Tony Robbins

Work Quotes to Motivate You

  • “Focus all of your attention on the task at hand. The sun’s beams do not ignite until they are focused.” — Alexander Graham Bell

  • “You either control the day, or it controls you.” – Jim Rohn

  • “I am a firmer believer in fortune, and the harder I labor, the more of it I experience.” – Jefferson Thomas

  • When we work to improve ourselves, everything around us improves as well. – Paulo Coelho

  • “Most individuals miss opportunities because they are clothed in overalls and resemble labor.” – Thomas Alva Edison

  • “Setting objectives is the first step in making the invisible visible.” — Tony Robbins

  • “Your work will consume a significant portion of your life, and the only way to be fully fulfilled is to accomplish what you consider outstanding work. And the only way to produce excellent work is to enjoy it. If you haven’t discovered it yet, continue your search. Don’t stop. As with all issues of the heart, when you discover it, you will know.” — Steve Jobs

  • “It’s not about improved managing time. It’s about a better quality of life management” — Alexandra of The Productivity Zone

Motivational Quotes for Ladies

  • “Since we are never satisfied with the status quo, women are more likely to question it.” — Cindy Gallop

  • We don’t just hang out and wait for other people to arrive. We create, and we do.” — Arlan Hamilton

  • “Act like a queen. A queen does not shrink back in the face of defeat. There is no path to greatness that does not include the experience of failure. — Oprah Winfrey

  • “The most powerful things a woman can do are to love herself, to be herself, and to shine among those who never imagined she could,” said author and speaker Brené Brown. — Unidentified

  • “At any time you come across a successful woman, keep an eye out for three males who are going out of their way to attempt and obstruct her.” – Yulia Tymoshenko

  • “Some women decide to follow men, while others decide to follow their ambitions. Recall that your profession will never wake up and notify you that it doesn’t love you anymore, and keep that in mind if you’re having trouble deciding which path to choose. — Lady Gaga

  • “Women have yet to learn that no one gives them power. You grab it. ” ― Roseanne Barr

  • “No woman desires submission to a guy who does not submit to God!” ― T D Jakes

  • “A smart woman is a priceless gem; a witty beauty is a formidable force.” George Meredith

  • “Life is simpler when a woman becomes her own bestest mate.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

  • “Ask a man if you need anything said; if you require something accomplished, ask a woman.” — Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

  • “We require women at all ranks, as well as the top, to shift the dynamic, reshape the dialogue, and ensure that women’s voices are recognized and heeded as opposed to being overlooked and disregarded.” – Sheryl S. Sandberg

Motivational Quotes for Men

  • “Whoever conquers himself is the most powerful warrior.” — Confucius

  • “Rather than becoming a man of success, strive to become a man of worth.” – Albert Einstein

  • “One courageous guy makes a majority.” — Andrew Jackson

  • “One of the keys to success in life is to be prepared for opportunities when they arise.” — Benjamin Disraeli

  • “A man who commits an error and does not rectify it is making another error.” — Confucius Kongzi

  • “A successful individual will learn from his errors and try again in a new manner.” — Dale Carnegie

  • “A successful guy can build a solid foundation with the bricks hurled at him by others.” — David Brinkley

  • “He is intelligent who does not mourn for what he does not have, but rejoices in what he does have.” – Epictetus
    Motivational Quotes

Students Quotes to Motivate You

  • “To go tonight with a sense of accomplishment, you must rise every morning with resolve.” — G. Lorimer

  • “Education is the greatest tool for transforming the world” — Nelson Mandela

  • “The hardest part is deciding to act; the rest is simple persistence.” —Amelia Earhart

  • “You’ll discover that education is virtually the only thing laying around loose in this world, and it’s almost the only thing a person may take as much of as he’s willing to carry away.” —John Graham

  • “Adopt the mindset of a student; never be too important to ask questions, and never be too knowledgeable about learning something new.” —Augustine Og Mandino

    Motivational Quotes

Fun Motivational Quotes

  • “The success elevator is out of service. You will have to ascend the stairs step by step.” — Joe Girard

  • “Be a springboard of positive energy; take what you need and return more.” – David Carolin

  • “People frequently assert that motivation does not endure. Also, neither does bathing, which is why we encourage everyday bathing.” – Zig Ziglar

  • “Work till your bank balance resembles a telephone number.” — Not Known

  • “I am sometimes so intelligent that I can not comprehend a single word of what I am saying.” — Oscar Wilde

  • “People claim that nothing is unattainable, but every day I accomplish nothing.” ― Winnie the Pooh

  • “What you get out of life is proportional to what you put into it.” — Tom Lehrer

  • “I’ve always desired to be somebody, but I see now that I could have been more precise.” ― The actress Lily Tomlin
    Motivational Quotes

Team Motivational Quotes

  • “Talent wins matches, but brains and teamwork win titles.” – Michael Jordan

  • “Individual dedication to a team effort helps the team, a company, a community, or a civilization succeed.” ― Vince Lombardi

  • “Teamwork is working toward a common goal. It helps ordinary individuals achieve extraordinary outcomes.” — Andrew Carnegie

  • “Coming together is the first step. Togetherness is growth. Cooperation is the key to success.” — John Henry Ford

  • “Together, we can accomplish so much more than we can individually.” — Helen Keller

  • “Remember that trust is the foundation of teamwork. The only way to accomplish this is to conquer our demand for invulnerability.” — Patrick Lencioni

  • “I encourage everyone to choose tolerance over division and collaboration over individualism.” — Jean-Francois Cope

    Motivational Quotes

Short Motivational Quotes

  • “A single optimistic thought in the morning can transform an entire day.” – Dalai Lama

  • Opportunities are created by individuals.” — Chris Grosser

  • “Love your family, work extremely hard, and pursue your passion.” — The entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk

  • “It is never too late to become what one could have become.” — George Eliot

  • “Do not let the opinion of others become your reality.” — Les Brown

  • “You are negative energy if you are not positive energy.” — Mark Cuban

  • “I am not the product of my environment. I am the result of my choices.” — Covey, Stephen R

Monday Motivational Quotes

  • “The biggest finding of my generation is that people can change their lives by modifying their attitudes.” — William James

  • “One of the contrasts between successful and unsuccessful individuals is that the former consists of doers and the latter of wishers.” — Edmond Mbiaka

  • “I would rather feel regret I’ve achieved than those I haven’t undertaken.” —Lucille Ball

  • “You cannot cultivate a field by mentally turning it over.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

  • “When you wake up in the morning, consider what a blessing it is to be awake, to study, to enjoy, and to love.” — Marcus Aurelius

  • “Mondays represent the start of the work week, which offers 52 fresh starts per year!” — David Dweck

  • “Be unhappy. Or inspire yourself. Whatever must be done, the decision is always yours.” — Wayne Dyer

  • “Your ideas on Monday morning establish the tone for the entire week. Imagine yourself growing stronger and living a better, healthier, and more rewarding life.” — Germany Kent

    Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes for Friday

  • “Friday is the day of the week with the most smiles!” —Kate Summers

  • “Oh! It’s Friday once more. Share the affection that was lacking during the week. In a moment deserving of peace and happiness.” —S. O’Sade

  • “I give myself a thumbs up every Friday for surviving another week with nothing more than caffeine, willpower, and terrible humor.” — Nanea Hoffman

  • “Consider Friday a day to enjoy a successful job.” —Byron Pulsifer

  • “When you leave the office on Friday, you should leave job. Don’t allow a tech to stalk you throughout the weekend; have a break.” — Catherine Pulsifer

    Motivational Quotes

Encouragement Quotes

  • “I cannot count the number of times I have been denied. To discover that a better, brighter, and larger yes was just around the corner.” — Arlan Hamilton

  • “We must accept that we will not always make the correct judgments and that we will occasionally blunder horribly – realizing that failure is not the opposite of success, but rather a part of it.” — Ariana Huffington

  • “Consider that an airplane takes off into the wind, not with it when everything appears to be moving against you.” — Henry Ford

  • “You cannot always control external events. But you can always manage your inner state.” — Wayne Dyer

  • “We are our repeated actions. Therefore, success is not an act but a routine.” — Aristotle

  • “Begin wherever you are. Utilize what you have available. Do the best you can.” — Ashe Arthur

  • “Hustle trumps skill when talent fails to hustle.” – Ross Simmonds

Positive Quotes

  • “Failure is merely the chance to start over, this time more wisely,” Henry Ford

  • “Our ultimate dream is not in never falling, but in rising after every fall.” — Confucius

  • “If you alter your perspective, the objects you view will alter as well.” — Wayne Dyer

  • “We must extend a hand of friendliness and respect to both our potential allies and our potential adversaries.” — Ashe Arthur

  • “It is acceptable to celebrate achievement, but it is more vital to learn from failure.” – Bill Gates

    Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes to Start Your Day

  • “You can have anything you desire in life if you assist enough other people to achieve their goals.” —Zig Ziglar

  • “Motivation does exist, but you must actively seek it out.” —Pablo Picasso

  • “Don’t strive for average. Bring your finest to the situation. Then, if it triumphs or fails, at least you will know you gave it your all.” —Angela Bassett

  • “Show up, show up, show up, and eventually the muse will appear as well.” —Isabel Allende

  • “Do not pitch. Aim for the outfield. “Seek the company of the divinities.” ―David Ogilvy

  • “I’ve endured a mountain of no’s for a single yes.” —Barbara Elaine Smith


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