Personal Branding Adjectives: How To Select The Best Ones

October 27, 2022
Personal Branding Adjectives: How To Select The Best Ones

Can you describe yourself in one word? What one word do people use for you when they think about you? Some people can answer the question straight away, while others struggle to describe their personality. But you must be careful here because your personal branding depends on how you describe yourself.

If you can describe yourself in a few precise words, this makes a long story short. You do not have to give lengthy explanations about the following:

  1. What do you bring to the table?
  2. How will someone feel when they work with you?
  3. Where do you stand, and what value do you hold?

These and many other similar questions can be avoided if you boil down your personality to a few words accurately describing you for personal branding.

So, how do you choose that one word for personal branding?

Step 1: Make a List Describing Yourself

Take a blank piece of paper and list all the words that come to your mind when you think of describing yourself. The list can be as long as you like. You will eventually narrow it down.

Step 2: Add New Adjectives to the List

Search for personal branding adjectives in a dictionary or online. You may find some words that you initially missed, but they paint a vivid picture of your personality. Include these words in the list as well.

Do not add more than 10-15 new words to the list.

Step 3: Take Other People’s Opinion

Ask your family, friends, colleagues, and customers to describe you using a few adjectives. Try and keep these conversations formal.

You will be surprised by the response you get. You may want to be thought of differently, but people may have opposite thoughts about you. If that’s the case, you can decide if you wish to change yourself. But, for now, you can also include those adjectives in the list.

Step 4: Categorize

With all the personal branding adjectives you have gathered, sort them into 4 to 5 categories. Having more than five categories is not very useful, so limit yourself to a maximum of five categories.

Step 5: Narrow Down the Best Words that Describe You

After you have categorized personal brand words, pick one word from each category that gives the most vivid picture of your personality. In the end, you will have four to five words that are a complete and clear description of you.

Let’s make things clearers for you with example of brand adjectives;


5 Adjectives That Can Help You Build Your Personality Brand

The usage of these five words may differ from person to person, depending on their personality. However, these personal branding adjectives can speak volumes about you as a leader and a professional. Moreover, these can create a resonating digital footprint for you.

  1. Resourceful: A resourceful person can think out of the box and tend to solve a problem even if they have limited resources. Such a person has backup plans and focuses on getting the job done rather than complaining.
  2. Meticulous: This includes how you can shape an idea into a feasible framework. Such a person pays attention to details and uses creativity to simplify complex issues.
  3. Ethical: Of course, nobody will work with a person who is not morally straight. Being honest means you will not give up your integrity for financial gain.
  4. Adaptive: Change is inevitable. Being ready to adapt to changes is a sharp skill many companies and customers look for.
  5. Collaborative: Being a team player is not enough. You must also have good sportsmanship. A cooperative person can work in different environments with people who may have different mindsets than them.


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