How To Answer Amazon Leadership Principles: Some Valuable Tips

November 7, 2022
How To Answer Amazon Leadership Principles: Some Valuable Tips

You will strongly second me if I say getting hired by a top-notch tech company, such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, or Facebook because it is one of the most demanding yet challenging tasks. To fulfill the dream of getting hired, Amazon carries some fundamental values that are tested while hiring candidates; you need to consider them before appearing in the interview.


Happily, no need to memorize these leadership principles; you only need to learn to accurately answer the questions because Amazon recruits the most relevant candidate. Are you wondering: how to answer Amazon leadership principles?


This blog post has mentioned some tips and tricks to ace Amazon leadership interview questions. So, get into this blog post and increase your chances of getting hired!

Ways To Gear Up Your Next Amazon Leadership Principles Interview

The bar-raiser of Amazon evaluates candidates’ responses through behavior questions and gauges whether they are the right fit for their company or not.


Basically, Amazon principles questions are asked to assess the leadership abilities of candidates; you can dig out the following examples and questions to get a more profound idea.

Amazon Leadership Principles Scenarios And Questions

Customer Obsession

Who was your most fussy customer?


Do you ever show initiative in challenging projects? Give an example.

Invent And Simplify

What is your best invention at the time of need?

Are Right, A Lot

What was your proud moment for your problem-solving skills?

Tell me the scenario when you come up with the best after dealing with insufficient information.

Learn And Be Curious

Tell the scenario when you made a wise decision due to your curious nature.

Hire And Develop The Best

Discuss when you regretted the bad hire and explain how you dealt with that.

Insist On The Highest Standards

Tell a scenario when you motivated your team to perform their best – above and beyond.

Think Big

What was your most influential professional achievement?

Bias For Action

  • Discuss when you need to collect data from others but don’t find anyone cooperative or responsible. What were your actions?
  • State an example of when you took some risks.


Discuss the situation when you were supposed to be frugal.

Earning Trust

What steps have you applied to win your team’s trust?

Dive Deep

Exemplify the situation when you adopt in-depth data to find the solution to an issue.

Deliver Results

Explain the most demanding task or gigantic situation you handled in your life.

Struggle To Be Planets’ Best Employer

How have you tackled the weaknesses of your team members?


Methods To Do Best In Amazon Leadership Principles Questions

When you appear in the Amazon leadership interview, you are asked the most practical questions, so your leadership abilities can be assessed. The following two methods can catch your best:

The STAR Method

In the leadership interview questions, the STAR method is a great deal as it helps you to answer the responses according to real incidents.


The STAR strategy stands for:

S: Situation

T: Task

A: Action

R: Result


While crafting answers to the asked queries, the candidates need to address these areas before giving any answer. Every passing second and each said word can make you a potential candidate!


Your asked question should be framed in the “When,” “Why,” and “Where” categories. So, to enhance your answer’s worth, discuss these frames and then jump to other elements.


The task should discuss the scenarios of the particular situations and roles. Spotlight the responsibilities that you had and were expected from you.


This part discusses the steps you will take to meet your assigned tasks.


This particular portion should answer the tasks’ outcome; the recruiter should also discuss the encountered challenges and the action taken to handle them.


So the candidate who goes well with the STAR strategy can give the most appropriate and validated answers.

CAR Method

Though this technique is very similar to the STAR Method, it is also very effective.


The CAR method stands for:

C: Context

A: Action

R: Result


If you are going with the CAR method, you need to be very smart, realistic, and practical, and can answer the questions in the given way:


Set a scenario and explain the situation based on past experience.


Elaborate on the steps and actions you took to rationale the situation:


Shed light on the outcomes of the measurements you took.

Our Summary

The top tech companies bring more challenges in recruitment procedures, so they can hire the most relevant and deserving candidate. However, the process is not as horrible as it is considered. In the Amazon leadership principles, you are asked questions about your previous leadership skills – achievements, situation-handling abilities, inventions, etc.


This blog has compiled some leadership principles and methods to answer them. Explore to increase the chances of selection!

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