Reviews For Survey Club – Easy Extra Money ?

June 17, 2021
Reviews for Survey Club

 With so many survey sites around,  it can be hard to choose the survey that pays you well and doesn’t waste your time. One of them is Survey Club and let me explain to you why this website stands out from the crowd. Avid survey takers are wondering if Reviews for Survey Club worth your time. This survey website is one of the best surveys that can be a curator in your best surveys list. 


What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is an analytics company that helps survey takers earn extra money for their helpful opinion on new products and services. Organizations and companies use it to find out what their customers are thinking about them and what they offer. In a nutshell, Survey Club is a platform where you can find surveys from different online websites like Toluna, American Consumer Opinion, or MyOpinion.  

Founded in 2005 and available for survey takers in the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. Survey Club helps people making extra money in participating in market research. 

Different types of surveys are registered; mystery shopping, taste tests, paid surveys, or clinical trials.  


survey club homepage


How does it work?



survey club how it works

Signing up is very simple and free, like most survey websites. You must give detailed information and fill out your profile to get more survey opportunities. The more they know about you, the quicker you are matched to a study.


you will see studies suitable for you in the “Available Studies” tab, once you are in. You can choose the studies you want to take part in and start sharing your feedback.


Is Survey Club legit?

With more than 16 million-member on the counter and the best rating from BBB, Survey club is definitely a legit survey site to work with. Because it pushes all the surveys from other survey panels, it could be a problem signing up or getting paid with other sites. But, in conclusion, it stays an accurate website where you have good chances to earn extra money.  


They are focus groups

This website also offers focus group opportunities to his reviewers, where you have chances to earn up to 200$ per study. If you are interested, different types of focus group studies such as : 

  • 2-ways focus group – one group watches another group and discusses the observed interactions and conclusion
  • Dual moderator focus group – one moderator guarantees the session progresses easily, while another ensures that all the topics are treated
  • Dueling moderator focus group – two moderators deliberately take opposite sides on the issue under discussion
  • Respondent moderator focus group – one of the respondents is asked to perform as the moderator temporarily
  • Client participant focus groups – one or more client representatives participate in the discussion, either covertly or overtly
  • Mini focus groups – groups are composed of up to  5 members 
  • Teleconference focus groups – telephone network is used
  • Online focus groups – computers are used 


How much can I make with Survey Club?

Keep in mind, Reviews for survey Club is a way to make extra money and won’t replace your main income. Yet, it is a fun way to spend your free time and make extra money. 

You can earn up to $4 per survey, depending on the length of the survey. You can see on the dashboard, longer the survey which is more money to earn. 

Focus groups pay more but are very rare and it also depends on your location. 


Other Survey Club reviews

There are many mixed reviews for Survey Club. Most of the negative reviews are about long surveys and low earning. Positive reviews include timely pay and getting your cash after doing your work. Users also mention punctual customer service, its customer service team is very quick to respond and help to deal with any issues. 


Pros and cons of Survey Club

Like other surveys websites, Survey Club has some good things and some not-so-good things.


  • The survey opportunities are diverse
  • This survey panel is available in other countries (UK, Canada, Australia) 
  • There are occasional high-paying focus group invitations
  • It has a good customer service department
  • You can purchase points via cash through Amazon gift card or Paypal


  • It takes a long time to qualify for the surveys and need to give many details to reach more surveys
  • It can take some time to earn well


Final overview of this Survey Club review

While I do recommend doing surveys as one of the easiest ways to earn money aside from income, there are, of course, many other ways to earn money on the side.

Survey Club scores points for having different surveys themes, having good-paying focus groups, and paying in cash, but the amount of time it takes to qualify for some surveys is somewhat of a turn-off if you do them in your free time. You may not afford or ready to lose your extra time, I would suggest choosing other websites dealing with the same subject. like the ones listed below. 


Other survey websites worth considering

There are many websites that deal with surveys that have many perks and are highly legit.

Swagbucks– This is a reader favorite and a survey site that offers many other ways to earn extra money than just doing surveys.
Sign up to get a free 5$ bonus with Swagbucks.

Branded surveys– This survey site has a loyalty program for its users, the more you do, the more you earn. Keep in mind that other ways to save and make money are possible. 


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