Create A Sales Funnel On Instagram | START TODAY

October 23, 2022
Create A Sales Funnel On Instagram | START TODAY

The sales funnel is the gateway to increasing sales and boosting your brand. Since you are focusing on marketing your products/services and targeting the prospects actually making purchases, it makes the sales funnel most effective for driving conversions.
However, the sales funnel is a vast term comprising various stages and actions. You can create different sales funnel plans for various marketing methods, such as Instagram. Each will differ from the others, given the audience interaction and marketing methods are different for each platform.

So, let’s learn in the following guide how you can create a compelling, actionable, and practical sales funnel for your business on Instagram, which works and increase conversion rates.

Sales Funnel Design: Top, Middle, and Bottom

Like a real funnel, a digital sales funnel design comprises three parts: top, middle, and bottom.

In the same way a funnel is wide at the top and narrower at the bottom, a sales funnel has more significant, expanded aspects on the top and narrows it down to potential prospects to make conversions.

Also, each step/stage on the sales funnel will have further objectives and minor steps to achieve. All these major and minor steps combine to provide a well-structured sales funnel to interact with potential prospects and turn them into clients.

For Instagram, a typical sales funnel will have the following structure:



  • Research
    • Conducting keyword research
    • Understanding industry trends
    • Analyzing customer base
    • Understanding the pain points of customers
  • Specify Audience
    • Creating buyers’ personas
    • Categorizing them into geographical, demographic, and behavioral domains
  • Awareness
    • Raising brand awareness
    • Reaching more audience
    • Growing your followers’ count
  • Interest
    • Targeting creative content
    • Grabbing audience attention
    • Making good first impressions



  • Desire
    • From raising interest to making them desire your product/service
    • Turning viewers into prospects
    • Educating viewers about potential problems
    • Describing how your product/services can help solve the problems
    • Stirring emotions using specific keywords



  • Action
    • Turning prospects into customers
    • Pushing them to buy your product/service without forcing them
    • Taking advantage of call-to-action

Adding triggering benefits like a first-time discount, free delivery, or x free revisions

The above is a general pattern for an Instagram sales funnel, but you can customize it according to your requirements. After you have successfully reached the end, you can take further steps to keep the conversion rate going, such as:

  • Asking for customer review and posting it on your page
  • Asking for pictures when customers use your product
  • Asking for referrals from potential clients
  • Staying in contact with customers from time to time
  • Offering potential clients benefits like x discount on the next purchase
  • Offering an excellent customer service experience

Final Words

Psychology plays a crucial role in driving more conversion. So, regardless of how you structure your sales funnel for Instagram, the long-term goal should be to make your customers feel like a part of your business community.

You can do that by understanding your customer’s perspectives and providing what they are looking for. The more meaningful content you create and stir emotions, your conversion rates will be higher.


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