Postmates Review-Why You Should Be a Postmates Driver? Let’s Find Out

November 20, 2019
Postmates Review-Why You Should Be a Postmates Driver? Let's Find Out

If you are looking for a good side hustle, then there’s nothing better than being a driver of food delivery. Many businesses are paying you to deliver food and one of them is Postmates. In this review of Postmates, you’ll find out more about this business.

It’s no secret that the popularity of food delivery jobs is growing steeply, and there are several legit businesses in the market providing employment for side hustlers.

Of both of these, Postmates has been a favorite side hustle. So let’s find out without further delay why you would pick Postmates as your side hustle gig.

Postmates review in detail:

What are Postmates?

Postmates are one of the small group of food delivery companies available on demand. This company was founded in 2011 and has created hundreds of side jobs for delivery drivers who supply food, alcohol, coffee, etc.

postmates homepage

Postmates make more than 2 million deliveries per month, demonstrating how successful this delivery service is and that, in effect, means more work for you.

How do Postmates perform?

Postmate’s basic concept is clear. When the customer places an order, the Postmates Fleet app gives you all the information, including where to pick up and the delivery address.

postmates homepage

If the customer does place the order, you must take the order and forward it to the customer.

When you purchase the item you will need to take a screenshot and upload the receipt to the Fleet app.

How to signing in?

It’s very easy to sign in with Postmates. Just go here and give your address, age, preferred delivery area, vehicle details, driver’s license, telephone number, etc.

Postmates will verify your details after you apply this information (does a background check) and will give you a welcome package. This package includes your delivery bag and prepaid card for transactions made on delivery. All you need to do is attach your prepaid card, download the Postmates app and start gig acceptance.

In short, here’s how to get started once you have completed your background check and you get your kit:

  • Download the Fleet Postmates app
  • Trigger your prepaid card
  • Accept deliveries

 It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of being a delivery driver Postmates?

There are several plus points to being a Postmates courier:

  • Even if you don’t have a car you can deliver things. You can use a scooter, a bike, or even go walking.
  • The app shares all the details, so it’s portable and can be handy even if you’re on the move.
  • You have the option to get paid monthly or you can cash out immediately.
  • The drivers retain all the tips, the business takes no cuts. Postmates also deliver “Blitz” rewards during peak hours while you’re traveling.

What towns are Postmates available in?

Postmates officially operate in all 50 US states. It serves towns like San Francisco, Miami, San Diego, Nashville, Portland, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, and more.

postmates homepage

How much are Postmates paying?

Its website has a pay rate of $14-$25 an hour, it really depends on the region and the distance between the locations of pick-up and drop-off.

Below is a breakdown of earnings according to their website for each delivery you make:

  • An amount for each pick-up
  • Completed An amount for each drop-off
  • Completed A per minute average for the time you spend at the pick-up location
  • A per mile average for the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations

In short, you get paid for every pick-up, every drop-off done, time spent waiting, and the distance traveled.

Plus any tips that you win.

If you want to find out more about pay rates in each city, here are comprehensive pay rates for all Postmates areas served.

Wrapping up Postmates review:

Working for Postmates is an excellent choice for graduates, side hustlers, and moms sitting at home. You have full control over your schedule of work, you get paid weekly and everything is done via the app.

When you work and make a decent amount of deliveries during busy hours, you can receive $14-$25 an hour and even get the Blitz bonuses.

What makes it a perfect gig is the fact that you don’t need to have a car to deliver with Postmates. In your spare time, you can only deliver stuff by walking.

Although there are other alternatives to Postmates such as DoorDash and UberEats, Postmates takes the lead in being reliable for various kinds of deliveries such as restaurant takeaways, fast food, grocery, and alcohol supplies. If you work in a busy place, that can be a good source of income.

Is driving for Postmates the right hustle for you?

At the end of this Postmates review, we can say that If you are looking for a flexible side job and in your spare time you want to earn a decent salary, then sign up for Postmates.

Just go to their website and subscribe with your details.

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