Online free certificate courses using Google

July 4, 2021
Online free certificate courses using Google

Google is providing people with a free online digital marketing course with a free certificate at the end of the course. a great way to learn and earn your stripes as a digital marketer. in this course, you have a chance to learn all the ways to use the internet to market business and products. 

Searching for the right course to invest your time in could be very hard since there are so many of them online today, and many of them require you to purchase them. 

The Google Digital Marketing course is completely free with a free certificate. it’s a great way to learn how to grow your business using online marketing.

Google’s Online free certificate course.

You can access the free course through Google Digital Garage. the course consists of the following details:

| Completely free of charge.
| A free certificate in Digital Marketing.
| 26 Modules.
| 40+ Course Hours. 
| Beginner-level course.
| Open to all countries with no restrictions. 

In this course, you will learn the following subjects.

| E-commerce.
| Email Marketing.
| Local Marketing. 
| Analytics.
| Social Media Marketing.
| Web Optimization. 

Once you’ve completed the course and gone through all its modules, you will download a digital certification from Google in Digital Marketing. this certificate will make your CV stand out from the rest.

Digital Marketing is one of the most important subjects when it comes to growing your business. if no one heard of your business there is no way for you to grow or sell your product. this is why Digital Marketing is one of the most popular subjects to learn today and it has a high demand in the industry. 

By completing this course, you will get notice and get a chance to start working in this field by helping businesses make more money through Marketing their product or service.

In conclusion. 

For anyone looking to get a certificate in Digital Marketing and looking to start their career, there is no better place to start than Google. It’s the biggest and most recognizable platform in the world, and anyone looking for a reliable Digital Marketing agent will be happy to see a certificate from Google.

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