16 Best Ways To Make Money With A Facebook Group

September 6, 2022
16 Best Ways To Make Money With A Facebook Group

Looking to make money with a Facebook group in the easiest possible way? You have landed on the right blog. This blog has tons of useful resources and the simplest ways to ensure that you are making money with a Facebook group.

Several Facebook features can assist you in earning money from home using Facebook. A Facebook group is one of those features which can help you make money in the easiest possible ways. Facebook groups can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of members. Now just think about what this Facebook group can do for your business if you take advantage of using it.

Facebook Groups enable people to connect and communicate with each other, share interests, discuss topics, and express their opinions, but this does not mean it cannot be monetized. Owners of Facebook groups may be sitting on goldmines; you just need to discover how to mine them!

In this blog, we will discuss the 16 best ways to make money with a Facebook group. But, before we move on to know the best ways to make money with a Facebook group, let’s find out what a Facebook group is and its types.


What is a Facebook Group- Facebook Group 101

A Facebook group is a platform where individuals can join as members to constantly interact with others. The emphasis is mostly on interaction, and all group posts that are allowed will appear in the group feed.

You can form groups for personal reasons, like interacting with friends or for businesses or organizations that want to advertise their services. A person can request to join a group by sending an invitation or by asking the group administrator for permission to do so.

Depending on the admin rights allowed, group members can post, interact with, and comment on the feed, exchange content, and engage with one another directly. Administrators act as both moderators and managers of group activities.

It’s free to start a group on Facebook. Both using the group and its features are free by default. Additionally incredibly adaptable, Facebook groups offer a variety of useful feature sets, group type possibilities, and benefits. With so much to win, understanding how to make money with a Facebook group is so important. But, first of all, let’s enlighten ourselves with three different types of Facebook groups.


Types of a Facebook Group

16 Best Ways To Make Money With A Facebook Group

There are three types of a Facebook groups:

  • Closed Facebook Group

Since the owner has the choice to declare it closed, a group can be more personal than a Page. When a group is closed, its shared content and details are only visible to those who have been invited to the group.

Team members engaged in a project together and desiring more effective communication could serve as an example of a Facebook group. The team is given a personal forum to discuss the project and submit updates by creating a group.

However, once it is set closed, all information is only shared with members of the group. The group will still be visible to others, but unless they have been invited, they won’t be able to see its members or any postings or information inside the closed group.

  • Secret Facebook Group

The secret group is even more exclusive than the closed group. These types of options are precisely what you would anticipate them to be: secret. A secret group on Facebook is only visible to the members.

Only those in the group have access to who the members are and what has been posted; this group will not be visible anywhere on your profile. These groups may be utilized if you are organizing a secretive event or if you simply want a safe place to communicate with friends.

  • Public Facebook Group

The public privacy setting for a Group allows anyone to view who is a member and any posts that have been made. Even so, only group members are permitted to post there.


16 Ways To Make Money With a Facebook Group

A Facebook group needs to have at least 25,000 members to attract a brand partner for sponsorship, but if your audience is well-targeted and the price of the products you’re selling to them is high enough, 3,000–5,000 members might be sufficient.

Transforming your Facebook group into an efficient money-making machine shouldn’t be an issue if it has 100,000 or more members and is tailored specifically. The following are a few of the simplest and easiest ways to make money with a Facebook group:

  1. Make Money With a Facebook Group By Selling Products and Services 

Your Facebook group is a great place to advertise your products and services if you have any to sell. Facebook groups are a fantastic method to develop a community around a specific subject, and selling your members’ products related to that subject is an example of giving value.

This can apply to both physical and digital goods. Do it your way; it’s your group. Below are a few suggestions for product sales:

  • If you’re a painter, build a fan base for your work and promote prints, limited editions, and other items.
  • For artisans, start a group for your craft and utilize it as an additional selling platform in addition to Etsy or other places you regularly sell your goods.
  • Create a Facebook group in that area and regularly share your items with the members if you produce and sell digital downloads.
  • Are you selling an app? Make a group on the topic, then frequently advertise your software in it.
  • Start a group around thrifting fashion and list your products for sale in the group if you’re a clothing reseller seeking tips on how to sell old clothes online.

This list may go on indefinitely.

It’s easy to understand how Facebook groups run by service providers generate income: they sell services. Freelance services like writing, SEO, virtual assistance, site design or development, and more are all permissible. Locally specific services, including housekeeping, interior design, and others, are also a few of the possible ways to earn money from a Facebook group.

16 Best Ways To Make Money With A Facebook Group

2. Earn By Affiliate Marketing

In a Facebook group, there are several ways to use affiliate marketing. The sky is the limit here because affiliate marketing programs are available in almost every possible sector. Promoting goods and services in a way that comes across as natural and organic is the secret to effective affiliate marketing on Facebook groups.

Your Facebook group’s members are unlikely to become interested in the goods or make a purchase if you only post your affiliate link there constantly. Members will probably leave if you do this. Understanding how not to advertise affiliate links on Facebook is crucial.

Facebook groups exist to foster community and deliver value. Discover how to promote items organically to obtain referral fees from Facebook group members.

Share discounts and vouchers on a product you genuinely enjoy and believe in, and share tutorials, case studies, and more. Other ideas include describing how the product has benefited you or impacted your life. If you run a Facebook group for home renovation or homeownership, for instance, discuss your favorite products related to those topics. You might flaunt your preferred ornaments, appliances, or equipment.

Consider grouping your affiliate product promotions in the same manner you would if you had a website or YouTube channel. Your members should be informed, show how wonderful the product makes your life, and be informed when there are discounts or sales.

Don’t market it aggressively or in a way that comes out as sales-y. Your members will trust your product recommendations if they like, respect, and know you.

In a Facebook group, you can even establish themes and files where you may compile a list of the products or sources you value the most for a particular subject and then fill the file with affiliate links.


3. Make Value and Promotion a Winning Combination

Make sure to offer a balanced mix of value and promotion if you’re using a Facebook group to sell your items. People join groups in search of value and connection. You can also make group rules as the group owner. By doing this, you will have the power over it if you don’t want other people selling in your group.

If you do decide to start a group devoted to selling products, you might want to think about starting a weekly topic where other members can share and sell their items. Giving your group members access before the general public is a terrific approach to make them feel special and boost member retention.

4. Make Money With A Facebook Group By Offering Coaching and Consulting

A Facebook group can be an excellent source of income for coaching and consulting. As your group expands, members may message you seeking your assistance even though you’re not a coach or consultant. Offering paid phone calls, or Zoom chats is the best approach to handle this.


5. Boost Your Website’s Traffic

No matter what kind of website you have, a Facebook group is a fantastic method to increase visitors. Bloggers can expand Facebook groups in their specialized areas and use the group as a venue to share their most recent posts, updates, goods, and other content.

The same is true for service-based businesses, whether your offering is offered locally or online. With this, you can get creative. A neighborhood plumber is not required to start a plumbing-related group. It could just be a local organization for your town or a particular area of your city.

Think in terms of the group member. It’s unlikely that a prospective group member will be interested in joining an “L.A. Coaching” group. However, they can be drawn to a group like the “What’s Happening in L.A. Coaching group.”

Using Facebook to generate free traffic for your website while you wait for your SEO work to take effect is a great supplement to SEO.


6. Grab Leads For Your Email List

Obtaining leads for your email list is crucial if you want to expand your Facebook group. Acquiring leads should be one of the primary components of your marketing strategy if you want to use your group to generate income.

The saying “the money is in the list” is used frequently in marketing, and it is accurate: you can profit from email list marketing. However, the main justification for building an email list of your Facebook group members is that Facebook has the power to immediately close your group or ban you from the site.

If you consistently earn money from a Facebook group with tens of thousands of members and Facebook decides to remove the group one day, you lose your entire source of revenue. Any social media account can experience this; therefore, no matter where you focus your marketing efforts, you should build a list.

Using one of the Facebook group’s joining questions as a place for prospective members to provide you with their email addresses is a smart approach to expanding your email list from the community. Although it is technically against Facebook’s rules and conditions, you are free to make the requirement for an email address optional.

To expand your email list, you don’t need to be an expert marketer. To keep your subscribers interested, send out weekly or biweekly updates. Then, utilize your email list to market your goods and services as well as those of your partners. Additionally, you may use your list to expand the reach of your social media accounts.

7. Create a Digital Course and Sell It To Facebook Group Members

It’s highly recommended that digital course authors on platforms such as Udemy create a Facebook group around their digital courses. If a Facebook group is specifically targeted to the market your course is in, you can promote a digital course to the members with ease. Establish a club on sewing for beginners if you teach a course that covers advanced sewing methods.

Regardless of what your course covers, create a group specifically for your target audience. This group should be “beginners” or, at the very least, less experienced than what your course covers.


8. Make Money By Selling Advertising Space to Businesses/ Brands

Selling advertising space to companies, brands, or anyone else with a product or service to sell can allow you to make money off of your group as it expands. People may have contacted you inquiring about advertising if you already have a sizable following.

Hence, how do Facebook groups monetize through ads? Here are some suggestions.

  • You can specify costs for 24 hours, a week, etc., when selling ad space on the cover photo.
  • Permit the company or brand to post in the group and pin it for a day, a week, etc.
  • Use a trackable link when posting on behalf of products or services to earn money for each click.
  • Allow advertising to provide informative training that points to their page, course, or services.

There are numerous strategies for group advertising sales. For various persons and group types, different approaches are preferable.

It’s important to remember that if you are unfamiliar with Facebook’s Branded Content standards, selling advertising space in Facebook groups may be challenging. For more information on how to adhere to the terms and conditions, view their policy here.

9. Make Money From a Subscription-Based Private Facebook Group

A private group that charges a monthly fee can be purchased separately, as an add-on to a digital course or service, or as a component of membership.

Many of you might have belonged to a range of groups where access was granted only to members or subscribers. If you don’t want to use another medium, you can even offer your digital course in a Facebook subscription group.


10. Partner With Brands and Sponsors To Make Money 

Companies may get in touch with you as your brand develops to inquire about sponsorships or partnerships. Sponsorships are situations in which a company pays you to write about their goods or services or to post advertisements on their behalf. The types of sponsorship are numerous. Paying per post or a certain sum each week or month for ongoing campaigns are just a few examples.

Contrarily, partnerships represent a closer bond. In partnerships, you work together with the brand to manage the organization and provide goods and services. You don’t have to wait for companies to approach you, though. Start contacting brands directly if you want to earn money through sponsorships.

When you have a large Facebook group with a targeted audience, you’re considered an influencer. There’s a good chance that some marketing type wants to reach your audience, even if you’re not Kim Kardashian.

Ensure your press kit positions you as an influencer as well. You’re undoubtedly an influencer in your field if your group is large enough. You might as well claim it, so you can profit from it.


11. Call For Donations

The question is, how does a Facebook group make money if there is nothing to promote or sell and no advertisers yet? You can monetize your Facebook group by collecting donations. The situation is particularly critical if you do not have anything to sell.

The creation of a virtual tip jar or donation website is a low-pressure technique to request help from your members. Although this tactic might not be as successful as some of the other ones on this list, it is nevertheless important to highlight.

16 Best Ways To Make Money With A Facebook Group

12. Make Money By Connecting Seller With a Buyer

By linking buyers and sellers in the market or field, you can use a Facebook group to generate income. For instance, if you have a sizable Facebook group regarding content creation, you may encourage members to post advertisements for their content creation services or hire writers for various content creation tasks.

With both physical and online products, this is practically replicable in every market niche. Just bear in mind to maintain a healthy balance of postings that aren’t promotional or sales-y. If your group isn’t primarily concerned with selling goods, this will assist balance out advertisements for sales.

13. Make Money By Simply Flipping Facebook Groups

Similar to how you can design, develop, and flip websites, you can flip Facebook groups too. There are no clear guidelines provided by Facebook governing the purchase and sale of Facebook groups. According to some reports, it’s completely outlawed, and if Facebook learns about it, you run the risk of losing your entire account.

Many people sell groups today with success, nevertheless. You must ultimately determine whether the possible risk is greater than the potential gain.


14. Make Money By Being a Group Admin

Want to make money with groups even when you don’t have a group of your own? As a group administrator, you can earn money. Any owner of a sizable Facebook group is aware of how time-consuming it can be to manage a sizable group. Because of this, many group owners will pay independent community managers to administer their groups.

This is hardly a passive activity, and you probably won’t become wealthy doing it. However, using Facebook groups to generate income is a real possibility.

15. Get Money By Hosting Paid Events

Another option to earn money from your Facebook group membership is to host paid events there. A paid offline event can be promoted using your Facebook group. A paid virtual event can also be promoted and hosted directly through Facebook itself.


16. Earn Money By Uploading Downloadable Stuff To Facebook Groups

We must emphasize that people enjoy downloading high-quality content. Not just any asset, but high-quality assets that provide exactly what your target audience wants (it need not only be free material!). If done properly, downloadable assets are a simple method to monetize a Facebook group.

Assets can be utilized to try out new business concepts and come in the form of pdf files, ebooks, webinars, checklists, etc. It’s important to remember that you must provide content that speaks to relevant audiences.

Offering this kind of resource to your Facebook group has many benefits, including the ability to generate a significant return on your time and work while, at the very least, generating leads.


Facebook groups offer profitable prospects for monetization. The sky is the limit, and it’s never been simpler to grasp how to make money operating a Facebook group, whether you’re already in charge of a community with 30,000 members or are still expanding from the handful you presently have.

Ask yourself what your objectives are before you start your adventure. Describe them. How much money do you hope to earn? And do you have the means to make them happen?

Once you have the answers to those questions, use the tools you have available to get to work. Make sure you are well-versed in the Facebook group feature sets at your disposal and choose a group type that will support you in achieving your financial goals.

One of the best methods to guarantee that you achieve that significant objective is to pay close attention to your groups and strive to provide your audience exactly what they want while still providing them with great value and reasons to be members: How to make money off of a Facebook group.

Therefore, understanding how to monetize your Facebook group means ensuring an income you never realized was possible, whether you want to start advertising on your group, collaborate with a company, or support the buying and selling of things.


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