Make money on Poshmark in 2021 – Beginner Tips

June 17, 2021
Make money on Poshmark in 2021 - Beginner tips

Sometimes we ignore opportunities to make money that are in front of our eyes. Most of us want to jump on a side hustle wagon and search for many ways to do it. The answer is right in front of your eyes. If you have been considering using this platform for selling clothes so Poshmark is one of the opportunities to make money. 

Selling clothes online is not a new thing, but it became so easy thanks to a large choice of marketplaces you can sell clothes on. it’s not only clothes but also accessories, shoes, jewelry, shoes, second-hand, the list is endless. 

When reusing or recycling clothes, you can reduce your carbon footprint. That’s another strong reason to consider reselling your clothes if you don’t need them anymore. 

Many websites are great platforms to resell your clothes or accessories on. One of them is Poshmark. 

Today you will learn a few beginner tips to start making money on Poshmark,  one of the most popular marketplaces for selling clothes, accessories, or shoes. 


First steps on Poshmark 


What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a leading social market for people who want to buy or sell new or second-hand clothing. The platform makes it easier for anyone to make money by selling clothes they don’t need.  it has high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Nike, Gap, and so on. With 100 million items for sale and over 60 million members, Poshmark is the place to get started if you want extra money. 

Apart from clothes, it also sells Pets accessories, house types of equipment, and beauty and wellness products for women, men, and kids. 

How does the platform work? 

That’s the easiest part. You can get started on the website or by downloading the app on your smartphone.


  • Sign online website/app 
  • Upload your items ( eight photos maximum at the time) and add the right description, price, and title to your articles. To get more views on your listing it is important to describe your item. 
  • Once your item is sold, Poshmark sends you a free pre-paid, pre-addressed label. You just have to take care of packing the item and drop it at a USPS mailbox or get it picked up.
  • You get your money by direct deposit or check once your client received the item. 

That’s all you have to do to start making money on Poshmark!  


Good to know: As a new member of Poshmark, the platform proposes to you a step-by-step guide on how How to list your items, How to edit your listing, How to update your shipping Label, and Tips on how to make your first sale (…). 

What are the items you can sell on Poshmark? 

You can sell a lot of stuff on Poshmark, here are a few options that you can choose according to the following categories : 


  • Clothing 
  • Jewelry (bracelets, rings, brooches)
  • Accessories (belt, glasses, hats) 
  • Shoes ( sports, sneakers, sandals)
  • Makeup (blush, eyeliner, foundation)
  • Bags (backpack, baby bag, totes) 


  • Bedding 
  • Cages 
  • Toys 


  • Accents 
  • Bath 
  • Bedding 

keep in mind that pre-owned garments should be in good condition and beauty products should be new and unused.

The platform also encourages selling handmade fashion, beauty products, and permitted home goods.


How much does it cost to sell on Poshmark?

For sales under 15$, Poshmark charges a low rate of 2.95$. For items above 15$, the fee is 20% of the listing price. Some would think it is a high commission when it comes to the side gig of selling second-hand clothes. But let’s take a look at all the advantages of non-effort shipping, a large platform, and a huge community of sellers. Besides, the perks like the Posh Parties can probably explain the commission cut. 


How about taxes? 

Your sales report will have all the necessary details of your sales tax. A service provided by Poshmark, Posh Remit, regularly submits the seller’s state and local tax on their behalf. 


Tips for selling on Poshmark


Join Posh Parties – Posh parties are virtual and buying and selling take place on the app. You browse, buy and even list with your friends. There are usually four parties per day with different topics. Each party has a theme and if the item you want to sell matches the party theme, just share it via the Poshmark app. This is a great approach to get eyes on your listing. With a grand variety of brands and themes, there’s a Posh Party for everyone! 

Highlight your products – Like any other marketplace online such as Amazone, Shopify, or Amazon, you need to focus on exposing your item with title, description, and photos. Creating the right description, choose the best title that exactly shows your item and will give your listing more exposure. 

Pictures – Taking a good picture that shows your item at the right angle, the right light is the most important. Take your time, take a few pictures in daylight, on a blank wall. You can set up an ambiance that fits your item. Choose the best one to post on your page and get started. 

Promote your listing – Once you’ve reached the final step, which is creating your listing, you can use Poshmark’s Posh parties, to get the word out. But for better exposure, you can also share it on social media like Instagram or Facebook or just share it with your friends. Sharing and exposing your “work” can help you raise things.  

Good to know: The platform expects you to stay active online or on the app to promote your listing to your followers. This will help to get more exposure. 


The profit from selling on Poshmark 

If you are looking for a side hustle and make extra money or save for black days so selling stuff online is one of the easiest solutions. Holder of many branded items to sell and who want a community experience, Poshmark is a good place to start and make money. The high commission is a downer, it offers you pluses like free shipping or protects you every time you place an order. All these small pluses and options make Poshmark, one of the best marketplaces to sell clothes on.


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