How To Make A Digital Marketing Agency

October 20, 2022
How To Make A Digital Marketing Agency

Creating your digital marketing agency has many benefits; you can work remotely anywhere, choose the industries you like to work with and become the subject matter expert in your area. An agency also allows you to create jobs for others and hire the talent that deserves appreciation.

But before all this happens, the question of how to build your digital marketing agency pops up. So, let’s go through the following guide to cover in detail how you can create your digital marketing agency from scratch!

Before Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Running a well-established digital marketing agency doesn’t happen overnight; practicing and experiencing different things takes time until you know what works for you.

Before you start your digital marketing agency, you should:

Build Your Skills

Creating a digital marketing agency means hiring different talents, such as social media marketers, SEO strategists, and SEM strategists.

You cannot hire the right people unless you have skilled yourself. So, spend quality time learning and building your digital marketing skills before you create your agency.

Become a Freelancer/Contractor

Starting a business is risky; you can experience both profits and losses. To secure yourself, you should become a contractor before becoming an agency owner.

Also, freelancing/remote working allows you to understand your prospects better and achieve milestones.

Another benefit of owning a freelancing profile is that you’ll already have ongoing projects and potential clients that you can further deal with through your agency.

Develop Other Business Skills

Owning a digital marketing agency means dealing with everything, from people working under you to ongoing projects. You should master skills such as problem-solving, sociability, teamwork, time management skills, and strong communication skills.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency? The Step-by-Step Process

Let’s now understand the step-by-step process of creating your digital marketing agency from scratch:

  • Digital marketing is an umbrella term covering lots of skills. You should first filter out which services you will be offering.
  • Select a business operating method: work from home, in a traditional office, or a combination of both (hybrid work environment). Also, define your business model: per hour, per project, or a traditional monthly salary.
  • Register your company. However, before that, you should come up with your business name, domain name, and logo.
  • Create an online presence: a website and social media platforms (preferably Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram).
  • Showcase your portfolio and achievements (from freelancing profiles) on your website. This can include an “About Us” page, credentials and certifications, success stories, client testimonials, past experiences, and partnership agreements.
  • Link your freelancing profile to your agency and start bringing projects to your agency.
  • Hire team members. It is not necessary to hire many people at once. You start with a few people in your team and eventually add more.

Final Words

Because you will already have an established freelancer/remote contractor career, you will have fewer challenges opening and running your agency.

Such a strategy is essentially beneficial since you will save so much time making mistakes and re-learning as you already have gained experience dealing with freelance clients. 


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