How To Create Artists’ Channel On YouTube

September 29, 2022
How To Create Artists' Channel On YouTube

What Is An Official Artist Channel (OAC)?

YouTube for artists is an amazing resource. If you are an artist creating content on YouTube, it’s time you claim your own official YouTube artist channel! YouTube’s official artist channel helps bring your various releases into one place and gives you more control over how you organize, promote, and allow you to engage with your audience. You can organize your discography into an album section, add or remove music sections from your channel, and create your playlists. You can also select the video you want to promote at the front of your channel.

Having a YouTube official artist channel simply helps refine how you manage your videos, helps you promote your brand and your music, and boost audience engagement. You also get access to much more exclusive tools, such as artist analytics!

One telltale sign of an official artist’s channel is a small music note next to their name. If you want one, here is how you can get started!


Who is Eligible to Create an Artist Channel on YouTube?

To be eligible for an official artist channel, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You should own a YouTube channel that represents a single artist or band. This channel should further have your artist content uploaded to it.
  2. You should have at least one official music video released on YouTube backed up by a music distributor/label.
  3. Your channel should abide by YouTube community guidelines, terms of services, copyright, and other policies.

If you think you meet these requirements, you are all set to create your very one official artist YouTube channel. (Note that a label cannot be converted into an official artist channel, only an individual artist can do so.)

How to Create an Artist Channel on YouTube Step By Step?

To help create your artist channel, you will have to contact your label, digital distributor, or your YouTube partner manager. Each one will be able to help you create your artist channel. Here we will be showing you the process of Distrokid, one of the most popular distributors on YouTube. 

To get started, you should have at least one release that uses “YouTube Music” as a streaming service within Distrokid. After that, navigate to the YouTube Official Artists Channel on your Distrokid account.

  1. Login to your Distrokid account.
  2. In the upper right corner, select the menu icon.
  3. Click on “special access” and select “YouTube Official Artist Channel.”
  4. Once you are there, select the artist you want to associate your YouTube channel with.

Contacting your distributor to get an official artist account simplifies the process; you can still email to do it manually. Also, note that for each distributor, the process may differ slightly.

After you submit a request for your official artist channel, you may need to wait for your channel to be designated as an OAC. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks as YouTube may need to verify that the information you have provided is accurate and makes you eligible.



Once your account is set up, you will notice the change instantly! Not only will you be able to organize your music, but you will also get access to the creator studio. With your new and improved creator channel, you can now push to improve the way you create and deliver content to your audience!


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