How To Advertise YouTube Channel For Free?

October 3, 2022
How To Advertise YouTube Channel For Free?

YouTube is the second-most visited site on the internet, and already more than 2 billion people have signed up on the platform worldwide. Therefore, it’s only smart to have your channel on YouTube.

But how to promote your YouTube channel? Don’t know how to advertise youtube and attract an audience?

Follow the advertisement and YouTube promotion tips below, and you will be good to go!


Use Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Keywords

If you aim to appear at the top of search results, use Google-friendly keywords. When searching for a video (or literally anything), people tend to Google and then visit the YouTube channels that appear on top.

So, with the correct keywords, you have a better chance of getting visitors to your channel.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Think of 10-15 words people may use to describe your business.
  • Next, search for each of these keywords on Google.
  • Use the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to check if each of the keywords returns a video or a blog post.
  • Adjust the keyword until you get the desired result. Adding words such as “How to” or “Tutorial” to the video title can also help improve your video’s visibility.


Use A Concise Yet An Attractive Title

An attention-grabbing title can increase your viewership by many times. A crafty title instills curiosity in the viewer, and they end up clicking on the video.

It can be advantageous to use question-based titles or hyperboles such as “Greatest of a” or “Crazy.” Sneaking in keywords or using phrases such as”How to” and “Best of” are also used widely to catch viewers’ attention.

The bottom line is to take your time in constructing a good title. It will be totally worth it. But don’t forget to factor in the YouTube trends.


Use Correct Tags

Tags are used by YouTube algorithms to decide what your video is about. Carefully use tags that are relevant to your business or content. Using unrelated tags, hoping to be ranked higher, will only damage you in the long run.

With unrelated tags, you may get more views at first, but soon people will start bouncing off your videos since it is irrelevant to them, and your rank will be pushed down.


Reach New Audiences Through Collaboration

Partner with other creators and influencers on YouTube. These collaborations are a win-win for both sides. The idea is quite simple; two YouTubers partner up to come up with a unique video.

Look for a YouTuber with the same type of audience as yours. Reach an agreement with them and deliver to your audience!

advertise YouTube

Use Livestream To Interact With Your Audience

Are you aware of the fact that people watch live streams about 10-20 times longer than a usual video?

This allows you to entertain your audience for longer and gather more views than you could with a regular video.

With YouTube live, it is a straightforward process. Here are a few live streaming ideas you could start with:

  • Celebrate an event such as reaching 1k subscribers.
  • Do a live tutorial.
  • Held a question and answer session with your audience.
  • Do unboxing videos.


Live streams are more compelling to people because they happen in real time and are not edited.

And that’s it – Advertise YouTube !

By now, you must clearly know how to advertise your YouTube channel for free. Making your presence felt on YouTube is easy, free, and will soon start reaping results.


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