How To Find Digital Marketing Prospects

October 19, 2022
How To Find Digital Marketing Prospects

Finding the right business prospects to convert them into leads is an essential step for any business. When you know who to target, where, and how, it is a no-brainer to turn those sales prospects into potential clients.
But easy as it may sound, researching and filtering hundreds of options can be confusing, challenging, and exhausting. Especially if the competition is comparatively huge, like for digital marketing, you need the right strategy to find prospects.

So, let’s dive into the following guide to learn all about finding the right prospects for your digital marketing business!

Know Your Prospects

Before looking for a prospect, you should try to create an image of potential clients for your digital marketing business. The best way to do that is to look at past deals and recognize similarities between various leads.

Understand from a client’s perspective why they would want to hire your services. Also, note their profiles, professions, and possible challenges you can solve with your skills.

Even if you don’t have any clients yet, you can create a presumed buyer persona by observing the profiles of competitors’ clients. You can categorize your real or creative buyer personas by:

  • Their business type (professions/services they provide/how a digital marketing agency can benefit them)
  • Their company size (startup/small/established/well-established; understand the requirements of each and how you can assist them)
  • Their particular interests (different types of services a prospect would be interested in, such as raising awareness, boosting sales, etc.).

Where to Find Digital Marketing Prospects?

Once you know who to target, the next step is to explore platforms and collect a list of prospects for your digital marketing business. The best options in this regard are:

  • Open Directories: These networks are the gateway to worldwide trade and list thousands of businesses and their contact information. You can filter companies by their geographical location, business type, and niche with a few clicks and create a long list of digital marketing prospects.

Some popular open directories are:

  • YellowPages
  • Yelp
  • WhitePages
  • DMOZ
  • Manta
  • Social Platforms: The next best area to look for digital marketing prospects are social media platforms, mainly Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube. It just takes one search to find hundreds of businesses, while you can also search through tags.
  • Websites: Almost every business has a website these days, so a search on the web can help you find your prospects. The good thing is that you can also find various businesses by their geographical location and offered services.
  • Databases: One of the fastest yet expensive ways to find prospects is to use online databases. You need to buy access to a pre-generated, pre-verified, and pre-enriched database of potential clients for digital marketing. With the help of the many built-in filters in databases, you can quickly create a list of companies that fit your buyer personas.

Final Words

Active prospects open the door to generating more leads for any business. The same goes for digital marketing — a service needed in today’s world to stand firm in the ever-growing competition.

Spend time making the ideal buyer persona for your business and then carefully extract potential prospects from online directories, social media platforms, websites, and/or databases.


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