How To Create Digital Marketing Portfolio

October 19, 2022
How To Create Digital Marketing Portfolio

Resumes, cover letters, and networking are all vital in applying for a job. Still, if you truly want to display your skills and stand out from other candidates, there is one effective tool that practically every digital marketing professional must consider adding to their job search toolkit.
A digital marketing portfolio is an incredibly valuable tool to highlight some of the best examples of your work that you can offer to potential clients.
To create and compile a winning portfolio, you must understand how to build a digital marketing portfolio.

3 Steps to Create a Digital Marketing Portfolio

Here are 3 steps you need to follow to be successful in your marketing efforts. 

1. Choose a Platform

Your digital marketing portfolio will be a virtual experience for your clients. Hence, choosing the right platform to get started and excel in your journey is vital.

You can check out various platforms and websites, so choose a platform before you commence your journey of what you want to get down on your portfolio site.

Affordable websites such as Squarespace and free ones like Wix are some of the best places to help you get started. 

2. Design a Strong Home and About Me Page

The first few pages, such as your homepage and “About Me” pages, are the ones that will attract most of your visitors. The homepage is where everyone first lands on and observes, whereas the “About Me” page allows visitors to learn everything about who you are.

Creating a strong copy on these pages will aid people in getting in touch and connecting with you as an individual. If your Home and About Pages are well-designed, these people may want to partner with you. 

3. Simplify the Get in Touch Process

The primary objective of a marketing portfolio is to help people know about your work so they can connect with you to hire you for a specific job position. Hence, you should aim to make it as easy as possible for them to find your contact information and contact you.

Your digital marketing portfolio should include various forms of contact information, such as phone numbers, email, and even social media accounts, so that prospective employers and clients know the best way to reach out to you quickly. 

Things to Include in your Digital Marketing Portfolio

Like every other portfolio, there are a handful of key elements you must represent in your digital marketing portfolio to ensure it offers you the greatest impact on your efforts. 

About Section Digital Marketing Portfolio

This section lets visitors know who you are and gives them an overview of what you offer them. It should define your journey and display your professional background. The about section lets you take charge of what you want others to know about you because you ultimately want to sell yourself to others as an asset. 

Resume Digital Marketing Portfolio

Even though you can mail your resume privately, adding a resume to your digital portfolio is an excellent way to allow potential employers and clients to know about the trajectory of your career path.

This will give them a better picture of you, collect references, and view your past jobs and academic results to get a better view of you as a digital marketer and, at the same time, as an individual. 

Samples and Case Studies Digital Marketing Portfolio

The main selling point of an online portfolio is the ability to highlight precisely what you have achieved with your talent and skillset. By providing case studies and samples of your work, you can prove what you want to achieve to your viewers.

Case studies also give the exact metrics and numbers on your impact on other businesses when creating digital marketing pieces and platforms for them. 

Testimonials Touch Process

Word-of-mouth is the best promoter, and anybody looking to do business with you would like to know that other companies have had a good experience with you.

Like reviews, testimonials are an excellent way of showing that your former employers and clients approved of what you achieved for them. It eases gaining an outsider’s trust in your abilities and you even before they’ve hired you. 

Recognitions, Awards, and Certifications

An online portfolio also gives you many chances to display the recognitions, awards, and certifications you have acquired throughout your career. In addition to testimonials, they help establish trust in your brand and abilities.

Moreover, it enables you to boast about the various things you’ve won and show off your abilities professionally.

Contact Details Digital Marketing Portfolio

Finally, your contact information is an absolute must to include, as it won’t be possible for someone to hire you if they loved what they saw in your portfolio if there’s no way to contact you.

You must ensure your contact details are easy to locate and there are clear paths to your contact page, such as CTAs and multiple buttons on every page’s bottom section.   


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