How Much Do Digital Marketing Consultants Make

October 19, 2022
How Much Do Digital Marketing Consultants Make

A digital marketing consultant is one of the most required people in a digital marketing team. It’s because before a digital marketing strategy is executed, the first step is to design it.

If you are new to the digital marketing industry, you must be curious to know how much you can make as a digital marketing consultant.

You should know that a digital marketing consultant is not the same as other digital marketers, like social media managers, SEO strategists, or SEM Strategists. Therefore, the salary packages of digital marketing consultancy may vary depending on various factors like marketing channels, job titles/positions, and experience level.

The following guide covers in detail how much digital marketing consultants make, including the factors responsible for fluctuating salary figures.

What are the Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant deals with the online marketing of products/services through digital marketing channels.

Unlike other digital marketing skills involving conducting ad campaigns and other promotional purposes, a digital marketing consultant designs, monitors, and analyzes these digital marketing strategies.

Whether raising brand awareness, increasing traffic, or boosting sales, a digital marketing consultant designs and monitors the digital marketing strategy from start to end. Some other responsibilities include monitoring customer engagement, devising advertising campaigns, and improving search engine rankings.

How Much do Digital Marketing Consultants Make?

Being one of the best-selling positions, it seems like digital marketing consultants deal with huge figures. However, as mentioned earlier, the numbers constantly fluctuate because of various factors impacting digital marketing consultancy.

Factors Impacting Digital Marketing Consultancy

The following factors are responsible for varying the digital marketing salary packages:

  • Marketing Channels: designing a digital marketing strategy for a channel requires a deep understanding of how the platform works, like Facebook, Instagram, blogs, emails, etc. You can charge differently for various platforms.
  • Job Titles/Positions: With more experience and knowledge, a digital marketing consultant can also serve as an SEO consultant, content strategist, or campaign manager, adding to the overall rates.
  • Level of Experience: The number of times you have successfully executed a digital marketing strategy influences your present experience. You can create and optimize even better strategies and charge more.

So, How Much do Digital Marketing Consultants Make?

Only a skilled online marketing consultant can observe the data deeply and design a strategy that boosts a brand/business. So, for beginners, the average can be anywhere between $140-$160 per hour, but keep in mind it takes time to grow.

For experts with more experience, the salary rate as digital marketing consultants ranges between $50,000 to $101,000 annually.

Final Words

A brand’s digital marketing team may include a social media marketer, SEO strategist, Keyword researcher, SEM Strategist, and other positions. However, a digital marketing consultant is an essential requirement to devise and observe the marketing process.

It’s because they offer guidance on anything from client communication to articulating the message they should hear, depending on their requirements or goals. So, you should not expect a higher salary on the first day; instead, focus on proving your skills with time.


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