How To Audit My Digital Marketing Company

October 19, 2022
How To Audit My Digital Marketing Company

Are your current marketing strategies working effectively? Or do you think you can improve your present approaches? In either case, you cannot go around simply guessing whether a marketing strategy is effective or ineffective. If you have been through a similar situation, a digital marketing company audit is probably necessary at this point.

Stop scratching your head while thinking, “how to audit my digital marketing company?”

You must start by determining your goals and gathering the performance data to audit your digital marketing company. Next, evaluate your current content marketing strategy and conduct a competitive analysis. Lastly, decide on what you will implement for your audience.

Read on to this article till the end to better understand what a digital marketing audit is, how to perform the whole process, and its possible benefits.


What Is A Digital Marketing Audit?

A digital marketing audit provides a systematic analysis of the strategies used by your company to strengthen its online profile. You can recall digital marketing as an in-depth assessment of the implemented marketing campaigns.

The main purpose of this analysis is to identify weaknesses and devise solutions. One good thing about digital marketing audit is that it works on implantation rather than devising plans.

Anyone who wants to launch a new business or is confused about why things aren’t working as expected can benefit from a digital marketing audit. A well-formulated marketing audit will uplift the overall company’s performance.

How To Identify A Strong Digital Marketing Audit?

Here are some key characteristics of a strong digital marketing audit;

  • Structured: A well-devised digital marketing audit will follow a systematic pattern not to miss a crucial point.
  • Extensive: Make sure the analysis sweeps across each and every marketing strategy you have used.
  • Arrange occasional audits: Digital marketing audit must not be a do-once-and-forget activity. Try to arrange occasional audits to not go off track.
  • Appoint a third party: For best results, you can appoint some third-party source to conduct a digital marketing audit for you. Here you will also get objective as well as authentic results.

How To Perform A Digital Marketing Audit?

Previously we gave you a rough sketch of how to perform a digital marketing audit. Here we will explain those steps one by one to make them easier to comprehend.

Step 1: Identify your Goals

Start with identifying the goals you want to achieve and what metrics you will use to assess your company’s progress. Make sure you focus on accurate metrics because you might face significant consequences if you stumble upon inaccurate metrics.

Step 2: Gathering the Performance Data

You can refer to your website and email marketing audit reports to acquire accurate data. For better results, don’t forget to include social media performance reports too. This can include making a list of bounce rates, conversion rates, and click-through rates.

Step 3: Evaluate your Marketing Strategies and Run a Competitive Analysis

At this point, consider revisiting your content marketing strategy and evaluate its effectiveness. Run competitive analysis by investigating how competitors’ digital marketing strategies are effective.

Step 4: What Strategies to Implement Next

The final step is to evaluate how efficiently the marketing strategies are working according to the digital marketing audit you have prepared. This can include inspecting what strategies you are paying for but not using.

Further, you can also have an idea about how your team is cooperating on group projects and whether you need to hire new members or not. 

Bottom Line

Improvising a digital marketing audit will help you identify and correct any potential roadblocks that can hinder your company’s productivity. Now, as you know of the 4-step guide on how to audit my digital marketing company, start using it ASAP. Start crafting a marketing plan using effective strategies to boost growth and ROI!




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