How Big Is Digital Marketing Becoming

October 18, 2022
How Big Is Digital Marketing Becoming

When it comes to digital marketing, the audience reach significantly increases to 50% more than in traditional marketing. It’s because digital marketing comprises various sub-skills like SEO, social media handling, and data analytics to deliver messages effectively to the target audience.

The numbers are increasing with time, as a 14% growth rate is reported in the digital marketing budget in businesses worldwide.

The following guide covers more about digital marketing and what to expect in future years. We’ll also learn about infographics; as a digital marketer, you can drive more traffic with them.

How Popular is Digital Marketing? What Will Change in 2023?

A recent report shows daily email receipts reached 281 billion in 2018 alone, and they are expected to reach 347 billion by the end of 2022.

Such higher data reveals that one of the greatest methods to contact your audience is still through email, making the average welcome email open rate 82%.

Furthermore, a CAGR of 17.6% is anticipated for the worldwide digital marketing economy between 2021 and 2026. By 2026, the industry will be valued at $807 billion if it continues to grow at that fast rate.

What is Digital Marketing Infographic?

Infographics present data in visual mode by using various tools. The goal of using these visual graphics in digital marketing is to deliver the message in a quick, easy-to-understandable way.

Also, because infographics combine images, charts, texts, and colors, they quickly grab the attention and gather the audience.

However, note that an infographic should be eye-catching, featuring a balance between all the elements. If not, it will be hard to read and fail to deliver the message.

Some of the best guidelines while creating an infographic are:

  • Keep everything simple. The more complex the design, the longer it will take to grab the message.
  • Make the infographic colorful but not too much; try to balance the shades by adding colors that work together. For instance, red and yellow, green and blue, black and white, etc.
  • Play with the color scheme. You can go with opposites (white and black), a mix of shades (blue, green, purple), or monotone colors (black, gray, graphite or red, pink, maroon).
  • Create a balance between shades. Don’t make all the colors pop. Instead, use light or dark hues according to the readability and significance of the data.
  • Make the tone and the look of the infographic match the message. For instance, a writing services message can take a neutral look, while an upcoming concert infographic can be made with popping colors to grab more attention.
  • Make the text readable at first sight. Don’t use a too small font.
  • Do not stuff the infographic with text everywhere. Instead, distribute the information in various chunks and use large fonts for important data. For instance, highlight a concert date, deadline, or primary features of a brand by presenting them larger than other data.

Final Words

Digital Marketing is quickly replacing traditional marketing methods with its eye-catching, attention-grabbing presentation and style. Businesses and organizations are searching for skilled digital marketers to target the appropriate audience and increase sales.

A popular digital marketing tool is infographics. They combine charts, visuals, symbols, and text with colors and shades to deliver the message.


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