How Digital Marketing Companies Make Money

October 18, 2022
How Digital Marketing Companies Make Money

A digital marketing company is a kind of fast-revolutionizing business that incorporates the use of digital marketing strategies to promote its product offerings and services. Digital marketing uses web-based channels like display advertising and social media ads to reach customers. It includes Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, content marketing, etc.

The digital marketing industry has tremendously grown in just a few years, and these firms have massive earning potential. A digital marketing company uses multiple mediums to generate consumer traffic to its site in order to sell its products/services at far more affordable rates than traditional brick-and-mortar stores do. Having said that, here are a few lucrative ways how digital marketing companies make money.

1.  Paid Ads

Paid advertisements are an excellent means of generating income for digital marketing firms. Advertisers pay such companies to play ads on their social media accounts, blogs, website, and anywhere online. These ads can then pop up on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc., in games or mobile applications, where users might be seeking information. 

2.  Freelance Consultant

You can hire freelance workers to manage most of your digital marketing. This option is feasible if you are just starting out and have limited resources. Freelancers are exceptional in their field. Moreover, you can easily communicate with them as they are much more flexible than full-time workers. 

3.  Digital Products

There are many diverse ways of selling digital goods, and they can be incredibly profitable. A digital product can consist of anything that can be digitally delivered, be it a software program or an ebook. These items usually cost very low. Hence, most people who purchase these items tend to do so in bulk.

One of the most popular ways of selling your digital products is to do it on a subscription basis. Your customers will pay a certain fee per month in exchange for new content, which you will be required to deliver to their inboxes on a monthly basis.

This method is effective for the customers, and your digital marketing company as the customers won’t have to recall when they purchased something or how much it cost them. Instead, they can pay upfront every month until they eventually decide to cancel their account or stop using the product altogether. 

4. Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are URL links primarily used to direct traffic to other sites. For instance, you may use an affiliate link if you own a site where people can purchase products, but you do not sell those products yourself.

So, whenever anyone clicks on these affiliate links posted on your site or blog and purchases a product via your referral, you can earn a specific portion of their digital price.

Affiliate marketing differs from paid advertising as it is not intended to drive immediate sales. Instead, it focuses on gradually establishing trust with potential customers so they can make even bigger purchases later onwards (or purchase some other product/service from your company). 

Affiliate Links

5.  Recurring Revenue Model

Recurring revenue models are quite common among digital marketing companies. In this method, businesses receive money from their customers for the products/services offered to them. Two of the most popular recurring revenue models most digital marketing companies use to make money are referral links and email marketing.

●      Referral Links

This model is used by various sites where they’ve implemented an affiliate program so that their users can earn commissions when they refer other users to their website. Amazon and eBay are good examples of referral links.

Both sites have affiliate programs that let users refer others to their websites and earn a certain percentage of each sale made via these referrals (typically around 4 to 10% depending on how much traffic is generated).

●      Email Marketing

One effective email marketing technique is to send newsletters once every month with relevant content based on what is occurring within your industry.

You can even generate special offers requiring people to sign up before they can access these enticing offers by means of emailing links directly back down into your system once clicked upon. This generates another stream of revenue generation potential. 

6.  Sponsored Posts and Brand Partnerships

In a sponsored post, digital marketing companies get paid to write about products or services in exchange for the advertiser’s sponsorship. You can write articles for your own site or others’ blogs or publications, which will be used as sponsored content.

This is the perfect way of making money if you have an audience who trusts their most desired blogger’s opinion to consider purchasing whatever they recommend.

On the contrary, few digital marketing firms tend to offer clients more than just sponsorships. They also offer brand partnerships, where writers are paid based on how many people click through to visit the client’s site once they’ve read it. This is known as the click-through rate.


These are but just some of the most popular ways, amongst many others, by which digital marketing companies make money. Other methods include creating virtual summits, paid subscriptions and membership sites, search engine optimization, consulting, and the list goes on. 


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