How To Build Digital Marketing Strategy

October 19, 2022
How To Build Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing offers two-way communication between the seller and buyer, increasing the brand’s credibility and featuring engaging content.
However, as easy as it may sound, building a solid digital marketing strategy requires careful observation, planning, and execution.

The following guide explains in detail all the steps to build a digital marketing strategy. Let’s explore it!

Steps to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy

The key to designing an effective digital marketing strategy is carefully considering all the steps mentioned below.

1. Create a Goal

Determining what you want to achieve with your digital strategy is mandatory before you move to the next steps. You should be clear about setting objectives and milestones to accomplish.

For instance, you can start by answering the following questions:

  • Are you selling a product/service? How many sales do you plan to achieve per day/week?
  • Are you raising awareness about something? How much information do you want to spread after x days/weeks?
  • Is your long-term goal to build a solid online presence? What number of following do you intend to achieve after x days/weeks?

2. Analyze Your Current Online Presence

Along With your main goal, you should also look forward to building a strong community with active engagement. For this, evaluate how your current profiles are doing, like:

  • Facebook pages
  • Instagram profiles
  • Email marketing (subscribers)
  • Official website
  • Youtube channel

Look for the following insights:

  • Followers
  • Views per day
  • Views per post
  • Total engagement rate
  • Clicks per ad

How To Build Digital Marketing Strategy

3. Evaluate Your Insights

Once you have gathered all the data, it’s time to evaluate it. Make a list of ways that have helped drive more traffic in the past, such as:

  • Which Instagram/Facebook posts received the most likes/comments? Why?
  • Which emails get the most engagement? And why?
  • Which survey/questionnaire received the most responses? What triggered the audience to engage?

4. Understand the Digital Sales Funnel & Build Your Strategy

The digital sales funnel will decide your digital strategy, so remember its following steps:

  • Awareness: Which potential clients/methods should be used to boost your online presence? For example, through ads or collaborating with influencers?
  • Interest: What should new viewers know about your brand? For instance, how should you design your Facebook About section or a Know Us Instagram story to build user interest?
  • Engage: How should the audience be directed towards the targeted action? Some examples could be sponsored posts on social media, questions posted on a story, or a quick this or that session.
  • Action: Which action button to add to achieve your goal? Subscribing to the services or purchasing a product, a simple follow us button can also be a call-to-action.

5. Review Results

Don’t just wait till the end; observe the analytics, such as:

  • What’s working well? What’s not?
  • Which content is driving the most engagement?
  • Which action step is leading to most sales?
  • Which milestone wasn’t achieved and why?

Analyzing these results will help you understand how to create even more effective digital marketing strategies in the future.

Final Words

Creating a digital marketing strategy might seem challenging and requires doing some experiments. However, once you know what works for your brand, you can modify your strategy towards practical steps the next time.

You should also keep an eye on trends and observe where the audience is interested nowadays. Then, you can modify your engagement tools to achieve maximum engagement, interest, and action.


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