How To Build A Sales Funnel For Free | Everything You Need To Know

October 23, 2022
How To Build A Sales Funnel For Free | Everything You Need To Know

The sales funnel, frequently used by marketing and sales teams, aids businesses in understanding and visualizing their sales process and tracking overall conversion success at each stage.
However, creating a sales funnel in digital marketing requires research and understanding the various factors involved. The good thing is that we have mentioned the step-by-step process to build a sales funnel for free in the following guide!

The Importance of buliding a Sales Funnel in Today’s World

Without building a sales funnel, generating revenue and expanding your company will be challenging, given that only 3.3% of website visitors will purchase on your site.

Your ideal customers can be drawn in and won over, and over time, you can establish stronger bonds with them with an efficient marketing sales funnel.

Steps to Create a Sales Funnel

These are the five main steps you should keep in mind while designing a sales funnel for your business and making the best of it.

1. Discovery by Your Audience

It’s where potential clients discover your brand and decide that you’re a good fit for them. The objective is to increase audience reach and inspire consumers to interact and engage with your brand.

You can engage in the following activities to get more reach by the audience:

Run Click-to-Messenger ads

Facebook ads are an excellent way for your company to promote a new product or service, and they work even better when they are run through Messenger.

Launch Giveaways

Everybody loves a freebie. To create a giveaway, create a Facebook post and ask people to take a specific action, like tagging a friend or sharing the post to participate.

2. Interest

Potential customers typically start looking into options once they reach the “interest” stage. They begin to show interest in your business or the issue you can resolve at this point in the marketing sales funnel.

So, let’s learn how you can grab the interest of your audience:

Use Content Marketing

The more valuable content you publish on your blog, the more trustworthy you become to a website visitor or potential customer.

Set Keyword Triggers

Using keyword triggers can be one way to assist your audience in getting responses quickly.

3. Decision

In this stage, a potential customer has started the decision-making process and is prepared to buy. You should concentrate on your online image, adding value, and customizing the experience at this stage.

4. Action

A customer decides to make a purchase at this stage. They simply require an extra push to get moving. So, to encourage the purchase, the objective of this stage is to create a frictionless purchasing experience, like using call-to-action.

5. Retention

The most crucial phase of the customer journey is retention. Customers are more likely to return to you after making a purchase. Therefore, make sure to deliver quality services/products and provide excellent customer support.

Final Words

Creating a sales funnel can be challenging for some, but it’s not rocket science. Follow the above-mentioned steps while paying close attention to all the minor details, and you can create a successful sales funnel.

Lastly, take your time creating a sales funnel that reflects your goals and those of your target audience. Develop it over time and gradually improve how you handle different sales funnel stages.


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