Top 6 Websites To Find Babysitting Jobs And Make Extra Income

November 20, 2019
Babysitting Jobs

If you’ve ever been hustling side as a kid or looking for a career as a student, then you’ll need to learn about babysitting work. Babysitting jobs are perfect for students in college, stay-at-home moms or just someone who wants to take care of children and gain side income.

Childcare is becoming too costly for parents, and that is why there are a lot of new babysitting companies providing cheaper alternatives in the industry. If you have some time on your hands and you want to make money, then this could be your best option.

Until we jump into the companies providing these jobs, I want to share some of the qualifications you need to become a babysitter. They’re not too strict, don’t worry, but doing all this stuff will help you win a decent babysitting job sooner.

Stuff to learn about babysitting jobs

You don’t need to be accredited to land a babysitting job but if you have applicable certifications like this one, it will significantly increase the chances of getting the work. You may take several courses and certifications to improve your babysitting resume, such as first aid, health, early education, etc.

Getting a background check and a valid driver’s license can be very useful when contemplating a babysitting job, which can speed things up. It’s nice to have previous experience but not all businesses need to get started.

Now let’s find out how you can become a childcare expert.


Sittercity is one of the biggest companies hiring nannies and babysitters. The average hourly wage is about $15. All you need to do is build a profile, complete all your information and begin to find the right work.

It will help you become effective as a babysitter by clearly stating your schedule and choosing the right babysitting jobs. While it’s free to build the account, you can opt to have a paid background check done through Sittercity. Parents choosing sitters with a background check will increase the chances of getting babysitting jobs faster. is another top-rated service for other baby-sitters in the side hustle. It recruits babysitters in over 20 countries and the average pay depends on the country and the babysitter’s level of experience.

There are other treatment options, aside from babysitting, for nannies, pet sitters, and elderly care, etc. And, with you have more choices to choose from. The application process is much like that of Sittercity. You will fill in all the information on your profile and let customers figure you out.

This company has many ways you can earn money by providing care; for example, as an early childhood teacher, as a nanny living, as an in-house daycare provider, and so on, and that can be a fantastic starting point if you’re new to a babysitting job, as all these are versatile.

You also have the option to go premium where your profile will be in the featured list after building your profile and filling in all the necessary information and the time available, which in turn means more consumer visibility.


This company focuses primarily on nannies and babysitters. With UrbanSitter one thing that stands out is that you can set your own pace. According to its website, top babysitters receive $1,000 a week.

You can build your profile free of charge, indicate the availability, and set the cost. On UrbanSitter’s job board you can check for babysitting positions and apply directly. There are no costs involved and no cut from the sitter costs is taken by the client.


 Care4hire is yet another care business that has been around for some time. It’s known for its comprehensive family and caregiver database. The organization also pays for nannies, housesitters, elderly treatment, pet care, or any other miscellaneous assistance. It is absolutely free-it does not charge babysitters to register on their website.

Detailing your knowledge and experience via this website can be very helpful in quickly finding a babysitting job. The average pay for a part-time babysitter is from $6 to $18 an hour depending on other factors, such as the place you live, number of kids, length, etc.


SeekingSitters is a trustworthy and legal company to start operating as a babysitter. When it comes to finding workers SeekingSitters operates a little differently. After you have registered with the website, an in-depth background check is conducted by the company.

When you pass the background test it will fit your profile to the right families. This will raising the amount of time you spend sifting through families looking for a job. Depending on the time babysitting and the venue, the pay is about $15 an hour.

Babysitting jobs are enjoyable and satisfying when you have the right mindset and the patience to look after babies. It is important to find a good business, build a stellar profile, and have all the required items like background checks, certifications, etc.

For people who want to make money from home or juggle a side hustle along with a full-time job, this is certainly a good choice.


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