5 Shopify Affiliate Program Apps To Market Your Business

July 8, 2021
5 Shopify Affiliate Program Apps To Market Your Business

Not all businesses are capable of marketing themselves successfully, even though SEO optimization, Email marketing campaigns, and other methods seem to be the only way. the competitive industry is ruthless and requires you to take that one extra step to bring in more customers to your business. With that in mind, sometimes we need to use affiliate program marketing apps that use, affiliates and influencers to market our products or service. to do that you can use Shopify apps that have affiliates and influencers that are waiting to promote your brands. 

Shopify Affiliate Program Marketing Apps.


Bamboo · Referral Program | Shopify App Store

| Bamboo Using Bamboo you will be able to market your business through your customers. create a program for your customers where they can share a referral link to their friends and earn rewards. as soon as someone purchases a product through one of your referral links the consumer gets a reward in a form of store credit or coupons. 

  • Reach out to new customers using existing customers.
  • Allows up to 400 referral links a month. 
  • reward users.
  • Use email campaigns for your referral program.


Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing is now UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing - UpPromote: Affiliate marketing

| UpPromote – Through this app, you can create commission structure programs for your affiliates. dependent on the affiliate’s performance and the products they promote they will receive different commission rates. this app allows anyone to join and become an affiliate, this includes influencers, customers, and affiliates. you can choose the way you pay your affiliates whether it be store credit or cash.

  • Performance-based commission rewards.
  • Option to pay affiliates with cash or store credit.
  • Ability to view campaign results.


Affilo: Affiliate Marketing | Shopify App Store

| Affilo – An all-in-one affiliate program marketing app that offers many options to create the best marketing strategy. using this platform you can use unlimited affiliates, traffic, orders, links, and discount codes. while other apps restrict you in some way. The many features of this app make your life easier, you can reward your affiliates by setting product commissions. for example, making a one-time payment, percentage-based commission, and more. also, you can change the commission rates and structure any time you need.

  • Use coupons and links with affiliates to drive traffic.
  • Many commission structure options.
  • PayPal payment-based. 
  • Manage affiliates through the app platform. 


ShoutOut Affiliate Marketing App Reviews - ShoutOut Affiliate Marketing Feedback & Ratings

| ShoutOut – An app where you can obtain new customers and reward your affiliate marketers. create a flat commission rate or any other depending on the product. Or you reward affiliate marketers with bigger commission rates. the rewards can be added manually or automatically. use an unlimited number of coupon codes. plus there is an unlimited amount of referral orders you can take. affiliates get their own dashboard from where they can monitor their rewards.

  • Personalized dashboard for affiliates.
  • No additional costs on the app. 
  • Information and training.
  • Unlimited affiliate sales.


Refersion - Shopify Plus Technology Partner

| Refersion – Affiliate program marketing and influence management platform that is going to elevate your business, add branding and adjust your commission rates. also set up a payment structure to pay your referrers. the app is working together with a group of affiliates that can signup for your program, and promote your brand. affiliates get their own dashboard, From there, they can monitor their rewards, create links, and run reports. plus, the system can create Coupon codes once requested by an affiliate and signed off by you.

  • Commission structure options.
  • Creates coupon codes for affiliates.
  • Ready to work affiliates. 
  • Personalized dashboard for affiliates.


We hope this post will help you run your business and market your brand. be sure to check out more of our content right here! 

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