Women Entrepreneurship Day – An Ode to Strong Women

November 7, 2022
Women Entrepreneurship Day - An Ode to Strong Women

Nowadays, movie stars and college-going girls have turned into entrepreneurs, and thousands of women are running small businesses across the country and playing their role in sustaining the state’s economy. Hence it is necessary to acknowledge their efforts.

Therefore, every year on November 19, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated around the world. The first Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) event was hosted at the UN in New York City in 2014 and was acknowledged and honored in 144 different nations.

The day is memorialized to recognize, support, and celebrate women as business leaders and entrepreneurs contributing to economic growth and development.

Why Is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day celebrated?

Women are responsible for around 85% of purchases and close to $20 trillion in worldwide expenditure. However, women are underrepresented in the labor market, and they account for just around 10% of global income since women earn less than males. There is an increase in female entrepreneurs.

They have been making advances and running thriving enterprises over the years. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day honor’s this contribution and works to create a more welcoming atmosphere for female entrepreneurs.

WED encourages women to become active participants in the economy by establishing a network of female leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs to launch new businesses, create economic growth, and improve communities. It also creates a network of like-minded individuals from which female leaders may benefit to make a significant difference.

Ways To Celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Here are some of the ways by which you can celebrate WED even if you are not an entrepreneur:

1.  Acknowledge Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs go through a lot merely to start and operate their businesses in this man-dominant world. If you know any female entrepreneurs, take advantage of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to congratulate them in person or on social media.

2.  Empower A Female-owned Small Company

The next time you need to buy anything, see whether a modest woman-owned business sells it. You will be contributing to the success of a female entrepreneur. You can also contribute by promoting their business on social media. Become cheerleaders of such women entrepreneurs.

3.  Begin Your Own Business

If you are a woman with a great company concept, you may utilize the visibility afforded by Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to get your company off to a strong start. Before you announce it, ensure you have everything in place, such as a business plan and model and a go-to-market strategy.

4.  Learn More About Female Entrepreneurs

Get motivated by the stories of women who faced obstacles and achieved prosperity. When you complete a book, lend it to someone else to share the stories of these strong women. Hearing about other people’s experiences is quite valuable. It improves our comprehension and compassion.

5.  Social Media Shout-Out

Sending a social media shout-out to remind your friends and contacts about women in business is a simple yet effective method of spreading the message of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and educating them. To raise awareness, include a link to a woman’s business social media account or website.


You can support local, regional, and national women-owned companies on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. It will be attributed to all the women who have broken boundaries and led the way by launching successful enterprises or working independently as independent freelancers.

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