What Is Autocratic Leadership & What Are The Characteristics Of Autocratic Leadership

November 7, 2022
What Is Autocratic Leadership & What Are The Characteristics Of Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic leadership is a leadership style in which one person has complete control over all decisions. This type of leader typically does not consult with others before making decisions and may be resistant to input from others. In this blog, we will discuss what is autocratic leadership and what are the characteristics of autocratic leadership.


What is Autocratic Leadership

A style of leadership described as autocratic leadership often referred to as authoritarian leadership, is defined by control of the individual overall choices and little participation from the group. Autocratic leaders usually listen to advice from their subordinates and frequently make decisions based on their opinions and judgments. Complete, authoritarian control over a group is a hallmark of autocratic leadership.

Autocratic leaders often have a high level of confidence and believe that they are the only ones who know what is best for the situation. They may be less likely to listen to others’ suggestions and more likely to make decisions without consulting others. 

Characteristics of Autocratic Leadership

The following are the characteristics of Autocratic leadership:



Being self-assured entails having faith in your aptitudes and skills. An authoritarian leader must have faith in their capacity to choose wisely in the face of numerous options and the potential consequences of each action. An autocratic leader must acquire the knowledge and decision amidst external pressure in a high-stress or time-constrained situation.



Autocratic leaders need to inspire themselves and be able to inspire their followers. These leaders can identify the needs of their team and develop workable solutions to assist them to reach those needs with the use of interpersonal and communication skills.


Transparency Autocratic Leadership

When issuing instructions and assigning responsibilities to team members, autocratic leaders must be explicit and reliable. It is possible to ensure that employees participating in the work can complete activities at a high level by being able to specify objectives and procedures for finishing certain tasks.

This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and fewer errors. By having a set process to follow, employees can work more efficiently and with greater accuracy. Additionally, this creates a sense of order and discipline within the workplace.


Trustworthy Autocratic Leadership

These business leaders abide by the rules because they are aware that doing so increases production and efficiency. They are trustworthy because of this quality, particularly in teams that gain from hierarchies.

In a work setting, these qualities are highly valued, as they lead to a more successful and cohesive team. For example, if everyone on the team can communicate effectively, it will lead to fewer misunderstandings and more productive collaboration.


Final Thoughts

Using autocratic leadership in particular circumstances is common when it works best. Using this style in conjunction with other strategies, such as democratic or transformational ones, can frequently improve team performance.

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