Top 50 Richest YouTubers – Impressive Stats

November 3, 2022
Top 50 Richest YouTubers - Impressive Stats

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms in the world, and everyone is enticed by the idea of becoming a famous star.
Some of the richest YouTubers include The Beast, Ninja, and PewDiePie, all of whom are familiar names.

Here’s a list of the top 50 richest YouTubers in the world.

The 50 Wealthiest YouTubers ( Richest YouTubers )

Followings Are The Top 50 Wealthiest YouTubers.

1. Jeffree Star

His beauty empire has accumulated $250m.

2. PewDiePie

His earnings come up to over $55m.

3. Mr. Beast

His earnings are estimated to be over $54m.

4. Ryan Kaji

His channel Ryan’s World has over $50m.

5. Unspeakable

The Minecraft Youtubers earnings are estimated to be $28.5m.

6. Dan TDM

Another Minecraft Youtuber, Daniel Middleton, has over $35m.

7. Markiplier

A popular comedian, his earnings are estimated to be $35m.

8. Jake Paul

A well-known name, he’s estimated to be worth over $10m.

9. Rhett and Link

The two best friends run a joint channel, earning over $32m.

10. Ninja

He rose with Fortnite and accumulated $25m.

11. Dude Perfect

The channel brings the team over $30m.

12. Lilly Singh

The comedian has a net worth of over $22m.

13. Liza Koshy

The Youtuber has over $6m to her name.

14. Fine Bros Entertainment (React)

The two stars have a $12m net worth.

15. Zalfie

The Youtube power couple has a big following and a combined net worth of $12m.

16. Emma Chamberlain

With over $12m, she’s a Gen Z star.

17. Vanos Gaming

Focusing on all things gaming, the Youtuber has over $25m net worth.

18. James Charles

The makeup artist is well-known and has a $12m net worth.

Richest YouTubers

19. Preston

Another Youtuber who made his career with gaming, his net worth adds up to $20m.

20. Like Nastya

The girl was born with cerebral palsy, and her net worth is over $20m

21. Logan Paul

The other Paul brother has a net worth of around $19m.

22. David Dobrik

He’s best known for his unscripted videos and has a net worth of $20m

23. Blippi

Run by Steve John, his kids-focused channel’s current income is estimated to be $16m.

24. Roman Atwood

Another Youtuber with major comedy skills, his net worth is $14.5m.

25. KSI

The rapper has a net worth of around $15m.

Richest YouTubers

26. Rosanna Pansino

Nerdy Nummies has accumulated an $18m net worth.

27. Hi-5

Mathias Fredrick’s family vlogs got him a net worth of $14m.

28. The Try Guys

Starting at Buzzfeed, the four friends have a $6m net worth.

29. Nikkie Tutorials

The beauty guru has a large following and a net worth of $6m.

30. Studio McGee

Shea McGee and her husband have a net worth of $5.2m.

31. LaurDIY

The millennial Martha Stewart has a net worth of $5m.

32. CrashCourse

John Green and his brother’s channel earned $17m.

33. Trap Nation

It has accumulated over $30m as a powerful platform for musicians.

34. Babish Culinary Universe

With over $2.9m, the channel has chefs create unique dishes.

35. Mark Weins

Focusing on his travels, he has over $4.17m.

36. Smosh

It might not have its original cast now, but it still has a net worth of $15m.

37. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The host’s videos are popular, with a $60m net worth.

38. Nigahiga

Ryan Higa has various ‘How to videos’ and a net worth of $10m.

39. Collins and Devan Key

The brothers are worth over $17.5m.

40. Tasty

The Tasty empire is built on easy recipe videos and is worth $7.34m.

41. Lele Pons

The former Vine star made $3m.

42. Guava Juice

Roi Fabito’s channel is worth $20m.

43. TheRichest

The channel earns over $7m yearly.

44. The Dobre Twins

Marcus and Lucas have a combined net worth of $20m.

45. Unbox Therapy

The science and technology channel is worth $25m.

46. SSSniperWolf

With reactions and gaming videos and has a net worth of $6m.

47. Marshmello

The DJ has a net worth of $50m.

Richest YouTubers

48. Elrubius OMG

The Youtube personality has $11.1m.

49. Conor Maynard

The singer has a net worth of $8m.

50. TheSyndicateProject

The gaming channel has a net worth of $6m.


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