What Is Servant Leadership & What Are The Benefits

October 31, 2022
What Is Servant Leadership & What Are The Benefits

A strong team with employees who are individually and intellectually fulfilled and who produce high-quality work to help your business prosper can be built with the aid of servant leadership.

In this blog, we will discuss what is servant leadership and the characteristics of servant leadership.


What is Servant Leadership?

An aspect of servant leadership is prioritizing the needs of your team. Being a servant leader is actively supporting the team’s personal growth and effectiveness and realizing that when team members experience personal and professional fulfillment, they work more effectively and consistently and deliver higher-quality results.

The idea that leadership is described as hierarchical, patriarchal, and connected to wealth or rank is in direct opposition to servant leadership. As the name suggests, it is instead centered on serving others and fostering their growth, frequently without the title or distinction that is associated with many leadership jobs.

Learning these abilities should be your top priority if you want to pursue a successful management job.

Servant Leadership

Benefits of Servant Leadership

Concentrating on others’ interests before your own requires you to be a servant leader. Recognizing other people’s viewpoints, providing them with the assistance they need to achieve their professional and personal goals, engaging them in decision-making when appropriate, and fostering a sense of community among your team members are all ways to demonstrate it.

Improved engagement, increased trust, and greater connections with team members and other partners result from all of this. A long-term behavioral change is required to become a servant leader.


Characteristics of Servant Leadership

Knowing the traits of a leader will help you lead effectively:


Active Listening

They listen with open ears and without passing judgment. They care considerably more about hearing other people’s perspectives than they do about having the loudest voice in the room. Prioritize understanding over being understood.


Gratitude/ Appreciation

People should be valued and admired for who they are, not merely for what they do for the business. They are devoted mostly to their workforce.


Humbleness Servant Leadership

Place others first. They are modest. They are aware that leadership is a team sport and that nothing gets done by one alone.


Faith Servant Leadership

Trust other people. The people they assist, voluntarily assume this risk. They are believed because they are trustworthy and real.


Thoughtful Servant Leadership

They are compassionate and considerate of others. Instead of being served, they are here to help. They genuinely care about the customers they serve.



Since it fosters a climate of respect, appreciation, and value among staff members at all organizational levels, servant leadership is crucial in business. Businesses that embrace the servant leadership ethos typically have healthier work environments with high levels of engagement and morale among their workforce.


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