How to Organize Your Workspace / Keep Order in Your Office

November 20, 2019
How to Organize Your Workspace / Keep Order in Your Office

From EO Melbourne, we’re sharing how to declutter and organize your workspace.

It is never going to stop in your office. Every day, there are new fires to be lit, new goals to be met and new ideas to be introduced. Your to-do list keeps accumulating — just like the folders on your desk and the messages in your inbox! You’re swamped and missed out on valuable things before you knew it!

There are people who are flourishing in a tumultuous world. Yet more often than not, job efficiency is negatively impacted by a dirty work environment. A messy physical environment affects your mental health, raises tension and anxiety, creates uncertainty in your mind, and inhibits your imagination and your workspace to organize.

So, a clean desk will make you calm and breathe easier.  In other words, if you read this from a messy desk or are actually skipping your workspace in favor of a coffee shop, it’s time to put some order in your office environment. It’s time to do it more quickly. Follow these tips to handle your records, your data files, and your desk and workstation pieces.

O is Organize

Similarly, Build a schedule before you make adjustments to your workspace to organize and computer. For example, are you planning to toss away all the papers in favor of digital scanning? Would you need a second computer to clear space on your desk? Will you have a closed filing cabinet for classified legal documents? Will you want to set up a file system where “must-do today” things are segregated from “must-do?”

R is for the re-examination of your possessions

Assess the things on the table to see which ones can be discarded and which ones can stay. While you go through your products, you may find that you’ve miscategorized the materials. You can consider records that can be given to your employees or items that are part of your office library or general office shelves. In other words, assign a box to carry things that need to be withdrawn from your desk.

So, there may be personal things that are better left at home. If you want to have personal things on your desk, make sure they are important to you, and not simply sloppy.

D is for Declutter

Tidy up to leave as much room as you can to travel about and work more. Prioritize a healthy place of operation. Personal effects must be kept to a minimum. Hold stacks of paper off your desk, using drawers for long-term storage, and wallpapers for timely material. Say paperless, man! Load a PDF scanning document app on your computer. Of course, there are a lot of online computing services where you can access files and free up your disk room.

E is for Eliminate

Drafts, obsolete files, and unimportant documents should be deleted from your office. Assign a box of books or office items that you would like to donate to the charity. In addition, check all court records from past years to decide if they can be securely scanned, destroyed, or stored elsewhere.

R is there for the preservation of what is relevant

Tell yourself, is it relevant for any object you keep? When I missed it tomorrow, would I regret it, or would I need it? Range your things according to your goals and their importance to your job. Have a few things that make you smile and inspire you to work.

So, in a tidy and organized office, you can quickly find critical things and take care of urgent matters. It also keeps your mind open and helps you to think openly. Therefore, a safe and orderly environment also encourages a healthy lifestyle. And don’t forget to keep up with the routine of decluttering. Schedule time a week or at the end of the day to tidy up and get rid of it.

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