What Is A Green Metaverse Token

October 4, 2022
 What Is A Green Metaverse Token

Ever questioned what a “Green Metaverse Token” is? Why have more cryptocurrency fans become aware of this token’s unique Metaverse value? Furthermore, why should the Green Metaverse token be more well-liked than other ones on the market?

Firstly, Metaverse, a particular virtual world made possible by virtual reality, has recently been gaining more and more public attention. As a result, everything related to it is given attention, including investment by different crypto-maniacs.

However, let’s examine the Green Metaverse Token and its significance.


Green Metaverse Token 101

The WEB3 lifestyle app STEPN’s native digital money is known as Green Metaverse Token, or GMT. It is also known as a STEPN governance token, and it enables all users to make purchases and cast votes on initiatives. Users can now access STEPN features and switch to HQ gems with the Green Metaverse token.

Just with 10% coins, GMT has a six billion units maximal supply. In other terms, 670 million GMT coins are presently in use. Users receive about 30% of the total token supply, with the remaining 30% going to the ecosystem fund, which is used for gifts and social development initiatives.

The renowned Token Generation Event “TGE”, during which the token can also be created, allows for its acquisition. It made its debut on March 9, 2022, on the Binance Exchange. Statistics show that the token’s volume of trading is steadily rising. The well-known Green Metaverse Token, which has gained 74%, was currently selling for US$0.6392 per unit as of the time of posting.

Current Price of The Green Metaverse Token

The 401-ranked coin, which is backed by well-known figures in the cryptocurrency business including Sequoia Capital, DEFI Alliance, Almeda Research, etc., was trading at US$0.6392 with a volume of $72.66 M in 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.

Even though there is still a lack of comprehensive information about the native token on the official site, some market players appear to have taken notice of GMT’s Binance launch.

But one must also be aware of how erratic the cryptocurrency market can be. Hence, it’s essential that market players conduct thorough research before making snap decisions or investments. They must also make sure they are aware of the hazards associated with the cryptocurrency market and take appropriate precautions.


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