What Is A Digital Executor | Let’s Find Out

October 24, 2022
What Is A Digital Executor | Let's Find Out

You are reading or hearing every day about people appointing Digital Executors and now want to know what it really is? Then, don’t go anywhere. Here, I’m discussing what Digital Executors are, what expectations are from them, and what roles they perform.

Let’s start!

A Digital Executor is a person who you choose/appoint in your will to handle all of your digital assets according to your instructions after your death. It is very similar to Will Executor, but there is one distinct difference. A Digital Executor handles the digital assets only. All the other things will be managed by the Will Executor.

Let’s now see what you should expect from a Digital Executor.

Expectations From a Digital Executor

A Digital Executor should:

  • Work accordingly under the state executor’s guidelines
  • Know every federal and state law about online access.
  • Understand the boundaries and limitations of online access.
  • Handle digital assets carefully.
  • Carry out assigned roles with sheer focus.

What Is The Role of a Digital Executor?

Digital Executors will do everything that you ask them to do. Generally, people nominate them to perform these things:

  • To archive the files/data mentioned by you when you die. He can also delete the files if you tell him to before death. The files include photos, videos, documents, emails, music, and much more.
  • To maintain your online accounts. You don’t have to worry about what will happen to them as a DE can keep on running (and even delete) your social accounts for you.
  • To pay your unpaid online bills. These can be about services, hostings, etc.
  • To transfer any account or asset to the heir you nominate. It may include an online business, blog, store, cryptocurrency, or anything that is digital in any sense.
  • One more role of a DE is to inform your online friends about your death.

How To Appoint a Digital Executor?

You can appoint a Digital Executor on your Will (Just like you appoint any traditional executor). There are now Will forms that have a separate section for DE. There, type/write the person name to whom you want to give this responsibility.

Usually, people get help from local attorneys to appoint DE.

But there are two problems which you might face.

Since Digital Executor is a new concept and many don’t know about it, you might come across some Will templates that do not have a DE section.

Moreover, several states do not recognize a DE as a legal entity. That is why it is important you consult a local attorney first and then decide whether appointing a DE will be worth it (and, of course, legal) or not. 

If the state you are living in does not recognize a DE legally, then you can appoint another person as a Co-Executor in your will and give him/her all responsibilities of a Digital Executor.

So, that’s everything you need to know!


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