Top 7 Weirdest Sites On The Internet | It’s Hilarious

November 7, 2022
Top 7 Weirdest Sites On The Internet | It's Hilarious

Looking to find something weird and interesting on the internet? Well, you can find this combo in this blog of top 7 weirdest sites on internet. The internet is a massive and diverse space that is full of all kinds of bizarre and amazing things. While there are numerous typical websites online, there are just as many bizarre and odd ones. In this blog, we will discuss the top 7 weirdest sites on the internet.


Top 7 Weirdest Sites on the Internet

The following are the top 7 weirdest sites on the internet:


Flightradar24 Weirdest Sites

Sometimes individuals like to observe other people, while others enjoy flying. The good news is that both groups of individuals can now “spy” on every plane that is now flying anywhere in the world thanks to a bizarre website named Flightradar24. To unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of various airplanes, all you have to do is select the proper airport or flight.


Eel Slap

Do you take pleasure in seeing somebody get slapped? What about slapping them across the face? Then you should use this website. On this strange website, you may use an eel to smack someone in the face. Just click and drag your mouse. It’s strangely gratifying.


Cat Bounce

Everyone loves cats, right? Cat bouncing is the main topic of this website. Even moving cats around will cause them to hop around the screen. If you’re struggling, the website will most certainly make you feel better.


Exit Mundi

There is no denying that this website is strange and that its content is quite gruesome, but its creators also have a fantastic sense of humor, are well-informed, and appear to be very bright (and weird, too). This website will be just right for you if you’re one of the (many) people who constantly wonder when the end of the world will arrive and what it will look like, or if you’re intrigued by meteors, volcanoes, black holes, nukes, climatic upheavals, and strange molecular calamities.


Staggering Beauty

This website has a lot to surprise you with. Moving your mouse from side to side is soothing and relaxing. To get the surprise, simply move the cursor a little bit faster. Ensure to lower the volume if you’re at work before you do that.

He claims that something is wrong with your eyes if you can’t perceive the enigmatic, ambiguous similarity between the first American president of color and the crazy white guy who runs the website. We’re not sure if this guy is being serious or simply having fun, but if they have managed to persuade him that he resembles Obama in any way, then something is seriously wrong with their eyes and minds.


Hacker Typer Weirdest Sites

Since you own a computer, do your relatives constantly believe you’re a hacker? So you shouldn’t disappoint them. Have this website open whenever your family comes to visit, just start typing and see the magic happen.


Final Thoughts

Many other websites have shadowy, occasionally evil sides. Some of these bizarre websites may make you laugh hysterically, while others may traumatize you or even make you doubt your sanity. In our blog, we’ve listed the top 7 oddest websites; visit them and let us know what you think.


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