Pinterest Business Account Vs Personal Account : The Difference

October 30, 2022
Pinterest Business Account Vs Personal Account : The Difference

A Pinterest business account vs personal has many key difference. A Pinterest personal account is highly popular among users who just want to use Pinterest for fun and on their own time. In contrast, a Pinterest business account is for people looking to expand their audience.

There are several core differences between a Pinterest business account and a personal account. However, the main difference in a Pinterest business account is that you have access to the Pinterest Business Hub. This separate platform gives you two main tools to help you grow your business which are impossible to access through a personal account.

Pinterest Ads Personal Account

The Pinterest Business Hub offers a paid advertising service called Pinterest Ads. The best ways to promote your next launch are available on this useful platform if you think your target audience is scrolling over this app.

The ability to create “Target Ad” groups is one of the most useful features of Pinterest Ads. These specific categories, which are separated by audience demographics like age, gender, location, and interests, let you target your ads to the right people.

Pinterest Business Analytics Pinterest Business

An analytics platform is already included with Pinterest. Anyone with a business account and signed up on Pinterest is eligible. This additional element of your profile provides a thorough analysis of your account.

In contrast, a personal Pinterest account will show you your followers and basic levels of engagement. In contrast, a business Pinterest account gives you access to a wealth of important and detailed statistics about the performance of your entire account and even specific Pins, like:


  • Impressions
  • Deep analysis of the total audience engagements
  • total views of your most popular Pins
  • Pins saved
  • linking up

Pinterest Business

Pinterest Business Account Benefits Pinterest Business

Access to comprehensive and detailed analytics can completely revamp your business. By keeping a constant eye on which Pins perform the best and how your audience is engaging with them, they provide you with immediate and concrete figures that can help you pinpoint and fine-tune your Pinterest strategy. You can keep track of a variety of metrics using Pinterest Analytics. The analysis is divided into three categories:

  • Your own Pinterest activity
  • Audience activity
  • And which pins are bringing visitors to your website.


The Pinterest for Business tool not only offers analytics about the performance of your account but also vital data on your engaged followers. Planning a strategy that specifically targets the right audience will be easier if you know the user habits of those engaging with your Pins.

Moreover, don’t turn your personal Pinterest account into a corporate account. It is preferable to either open a brand-new company account or connect an existing business account to your personal account.

Wrapping It Up

A Pinterest personal account is suitable for you if you use Pinterest occasionally and are looking to try something new. A Business Pinterest account, however, is the best option if you are a brand owner and want to use this platform to access analytics and marketing tools on your Pins. In order to help businesses succeed on their platform, Pinterest makes as many tools and resources available for free as possible.


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