How To Personalize The Name Of A YouTube Channel

October 27, 2022
How To Personalize The Name Of A YouTube Channel

When it comes to naming your YouTube channel, there are no limitations. But how do you make a personalized YouTube channel? The public identifies you by your channel name and even associates it with your own personality. So, you must take some time and think carefully about how to come up with a name that completely captures the essence of the channel.

Now, how to personalize the name of a YouTube channel?
Personalize the Name of a YouTube Channel

We have created a step-by-step guide to help you give a personalized name to your YouTube channel in order to get you started. Here is how to change YouTube channel name?


Go to Creator Studio

To Change YouTube channel name, sign in to the channel you want to change the name of. Next, select Creator Studio. You can access the “Creator Studio” page by clicking on the blue “Creator Studio” button or your icon in the top right corner, which will display a drop-down menu.


Go to Channel Tab

The ‘Channel Tab’ will appear once you reach the website’s left side. A drop-down menu of choices will appear when you click on that. Next, select “Advanced.”


Advanced Section

You can change your name by selecting an option once you are in the advanced section. Click on the ‘Change’ button to personalize the name of our channel. Please keep in mind that this will change it across Google, not just the YouTube Channel name.  Put everything in the first name section in this situation.


Save Changes and View the Result

Click “OK” once you have chosen the new channel name you want. Next, select “change name.” To check if the name has been successfully changed, click on the refresh option near the URL box or refresh the YouTube app.


Personalize the URL of a YouTube Channel Name Of A YouTube Channel

Along with giving a personalized name to your channel, you can also change your YouTube channel’s URL. Since both these names will be similar, it will be easier for your audience to access it without having to search for it among many others. They won’t have to memorize a huge string of letters and numbers each time they want to access your channel from the browser.


Go to the Channel Section through Creator Studio

Go back to the Creator Studio section by selecting “Creator Studio” once more. Next, select “Channel” from the left-side menu. The “Custom URL” field is located at the top right corner. By clicking “here,” we may enable the custom YouTube URL. You are prompted to claim the custom URL there.


Go to Channel Settings Name Of A YouTube Channel

Then, you click on “here” to claim your custom URL in the area of the channel settings that is brought up by doing this.


Get a Custom URL Name Of A YouTube Channel

Make your desired selection on the text box and then check the box to show that you agree to customize your channel URL. After that, select the blue “Change URL” button. A new window will appear and ask you to confirm the URL change. Then select “Confirm Choice.” Again refresh your browser or reopen the app to see the desired changes.


There you go; this is how to personalize the name of a YouTube channel. It wasn’t tricky at all! Right?


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