How To Do Metaverse Champions [Guide]

October 18, 2022
How To Do Metaverse Champions [Guide]

The four-week Roblox tournament known as Metaverse Champions took place between April 15 and May 20, 2021. Players can explore several Roblox games for secret chests that hold their avatar’s items during the event. Players receive points for their Champion’s group the more chests they unlock and bring back to the Metaverse Champions Hub. At the end of the tournament, the player with the highest points receives a unique, special reward.


What is Metaverse Champions?

The well-known Roblox Egg Hunt has been overtaken by an interactive virtual reality game called Metaverse Champions. Players can open up to four chests each week during the four-week tournament. There are four champions represented by the four chests: AJ Striker, Fey Yoshida, Sparks Kilowatts, and Wren Brightblade.

There is a hub section for each user where they may access the specific games they like and want to play. They can even go inside the hub to engage in virtual reality interaction with other gamers. Since you can collect chests with a variety of gifts when playing the games provided during those weeks, they are special and have numerous advantages. Every assignment will be different and a lot of fun to complete in any of the games you pick.


How To Do Metaverse Champions?

Here are some suggestions you should be aware of if you’re curious about how to play Metaverse Champions:

You should visit the Champions Hub first as a starting point. There are more than 40 games and four portals where you can interact with the various characters. You must do all of the tasks for each of the four champions to get the most points.

You must finish missions about the four metaverse champions to take part in the Roblox Metaverse Champions event. The campaign’s objective is to gain the most scores for your group, and doing so by gathering mystery boxes will help you do that. You’ll receive a special avatar bundle after completing the last mission. You must finish all four missions within the first two weeks to receive your reward. You are free to carry on as normal for the ensuing two weeks.

You’ll be eligible to earn unique rewards once you’ve finished all four challenges. For instance, you must gather a mystery box associated with the champion of your choice for the first task. You’ll get a new avatar bundle depending on the metaverse after finishing a job. Although the objectives are diverse, you can obtain special rewards. You can keep playing the game after earning the chests.

Additionally, completing tasks for your metaverse champions will unlock the Avatar package. After all, playing in Metaverse Champions is a terrific way to increase your Roblox point total. The Wren’s Treasure Chests are available to be collected during this event if you’re hunting for uncommon goodies. This is an added benefit for finishing the quest.



Metaverse champions was one of the most exciting events on Roblox that ever existed. Hope this blog has been useful to you if you were looking for some credible information on Metaverse champions and how to do metaverse champions.


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